Why Your Productivity Apps Maybe HURTING YOUR PRODUCTIVITY

Do you ever feel like a slave to your productivity apps.  Do you spend more time updating your apps then achieving your goals?  Find out more now.

I have read a ton of books, articles and blog posts on productivity apps over the years. I have tried every app available today to include the premium versions and still have not found one that works best for me.  Be sure to stay till the end to find out why these productivity apps are working. Welcome to my channel, be sure to hit the notification bell, and subscribe button if you enjoyed today’s video.  Presently, 95% of my viewers are not subscribers.  By subscribing and clicking the notification bell, let’s YouTube analytics know to recommend my videos to others.  So, help a gal out and subscribe to the channel.  Now, without further ado, let’s get into this video.

Productivity Is Not About Using the Right Application or Program. 

Instead, productivity is a process.  You see we all are unique and have our own unique set of processes.  The reason that I cannot commit to one productivity app is because I have not found one that works for my process.

App Creators Are Lying To You.

It does not matter what these app creators are saying about their apps.  These apps will NOT make you more productive.  In fact, you might waste more time trying to fit your mindset around the app.  Now don’t get me wrong.  These productivity apps might work well for some people.  However, if your workflow is constantly changing with new deadlines popping up at the last minute, then these apps won’t work for you.  They just are not practical.

When you have to manage your productivity app, the app is not longer efficient.

Productivity apps are like shoes.  There is no one size fits all.  That is because every app is different.  For instance, the app that I need to keep track of my consulting business will not work for my personal life.  In fact, the business productivity app will not work managing my YouTube content either.

As I’ve previously stated,  I have tried a ton of productivity apps and cannot find one of them that works well for me.  This has resulted in me using multiple productivity apps and the end result is it is wasting time.  For example, I found that it took me longer to keep the apps updated then it did to just perform the task! That is INSANE!

Why one size fits all does not work With Productivity Apps?

The one size fits all does not work because everyone’s needs are different.    If you only need to track your personal assignments then ToDoList or Trello may work for you.  However, we typically do not track just personal assignments. We also track personal and business goals,  birthdays, holidays,  personal projects, side hustles and so on.

When we combine all these tasks into one productivity app, it can become overwhelming  and inefficient.

Not all productivity apps are bad.

Remember that productivity is measured on a personal level.  You may luck out and find a productivity app that works like you do.  So far, I have not been that lucky.  Most of these productivity apps have caused me to slow down.  They just stop me from blasting through my work.

Even though many productivity apps did not work for me, I did find a few apps that were quite useful in the short term.  In case you are interested one of these apps is called Notion.  I have a playlist on my channel in case you are interested.

Utilizing productivity apps ultimately depends on the app, the user and the project.  For some people these apps will work great for others not so much.

Summary – Productivity Apps Don’t Work

Finding the best productivity app for you can be like finding a needle in a hay stack.  But don’t give up.  Remember why there are so many productivity apps. Because each app works differently.  You just need to find one that works the way your mind works.

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