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Apple Notes entered the market with new features in fall 2021. With the launch of iPad OS 15, the game of note-taking apps has drastically changed. The new features include Inline Tags and Quick Notes. With the inline Tag feature, you will be able to find information much quicker. We now have text in Apple Notes and the Handwritten text feature is also available. You Can convert handwritten notes into computerized text and even the screenshots or pictures of important reminders, homework, or university lectures in to text from a picture. These new features in Apple Notes makes Note Taking more convenient and flexible.

Why Apple Notes?

Apple provides a variety of note-taking apps in all shapes and sizes for different ranges of its devices from old to new, free to paid, user-friendly to complex advanced tech level. It is like a user will never run out of options but with the new features in the Apple notes, it seems like Apple outdid itself this time. Especially because this essential Note Taking app is free. Yes, you heard it. This note-taking app in your iPad, Mac for phones is way powerful and advanced than you think. When in habit of taking notes, we know it’s not just a hand full of notes that we take but it is far more than we can remember.

How Much Does Apple Notes Cost?

With Quick access, you can scribble as many notes as you want and if suddenly your iPad dies out of battery, those notes will still be there. Isn’t it amazing? Furthermore, if you want to search for the notes, you would have to write the keywords from that particular note with a hashtag and it will appear on your screen. Pining the most important reminders or meeting notes is always an option too. To pin your reminders go to File, Pin Note.

Start on your Macbook and finish your notes on your iPad or iPhone

This will further enable the user to start the note on for example MacBook and then you can finish it off on your other Apple devices. The new feature enables you to save pictures and edit them in the note’s app too. You can click on the picture, add text next to it and write or draw something on it too. You can click the picture at the spot too and edit it, it is somewhat like photoshopping. Previously, we had to download a lot of apps for different purposes, Note-taking app, Logo making app, document scanning app but now it is all available in one application.

Why is it better than the competitors?

The market of note-taking applications is vast but you need to choose what suits you the best. Evernote is another note-taking application but this is best suited for scanning documents and not just any documents but important contractual documents. You can also scan handwritten notes using Evernote. Another app for note-taking is OneNote and it is more compatible with Microsoft users and it is well suited to the Microsoft ecosystem.

Why is it different than OneNote and Evernote?

The one major difference between this app and the notes app is that OneNote expands the page vertically whereas the Notes app does not. Different pens and colors are available in it too but the app well-suited for apple pen is the Notes app is it is an in-built app; it is well suited for the Apple iOS ecosystem and it saves all your data in one place. And it is free. So, what do you think about the new features in the Notes app?

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