I bet you know what it is like to spend hours and hours on the Internet.  Between checking out our social media feeds to shopping on the Internet that are a ton of ways to spend time on the Internet. And we wonder why people give the Internet a bad reputation.  However, the Internet can be used in a positive way.  Especially when you use it as a research tool.

Hi, I’m Nancy and welcome to my channel.  Today I am going to show you how to use the Internet to better your life as a resource tool.  Be sure to stay till the end of the video as the last way to use the Internet can change your life forever.

10 Organize Your Life

What better way to spend your time then organizing your life through the use on online storage.  Services like Drobox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive allows you to free up valuable hard drive space by moving important documents, and photos to the cloud.  As a result, your computer’s hard drive space will be freed up and your computer may run a little faster as a result.

9.  Increase Your Vocabulary

There are great resources available on the Internet that will allow you to broaden your vocabulary. Websites such as Vocabulary, and Vocab1 are a great way resource to use.  You can easily learn a new word each day using any of these websites.  It does not matter if you are a writer or not, as improving your vocabulary helps with resumes, proposals, and reports.  Plus, it makes you look intelligent in front of others.

8. Keep Up on Current News and Events

Now is the perfect time to subscribe to a preferred new source so that you can keep abreast of current news stories that pertain to your line of work or just because the topic interests you.  You can learn about events happening locally to things happening all around the world.

7. Networking

Update your LinkedIn profile and search for people who can endorse your skills.  You never know when these people can put you in touch with others that can boost your career or even send clients your way.  Although LinkedIn is dedicated to professionals it is not the only site that you can use.  Facebook and Twitter are great sites to connect you with professionals who can promote you and your skills.

6. Research a Hobby

Are you looking for a new hobby? The internet is a great way to research a hobby and find out a lot more information about it.  It can show you not only how to get started but even take you that hobby and turn it into a business.

5. Start a Blog on the Internet

There is no better way to enhance your writing and editing skills then by starting a blog.  Thousands of people share their expertise with the world through a blog platform, and with web hosting services and content management systems.  Many of these services are free of charge so there is no excuse not to get started.  Plus, by running Ads on your website you can even earn money from the site.

4. Find a Useful App On the Internet

Apps can help make our life easier.  Productivity Apps can help your mental well-being, health apps to get you in shape and there are tons of games to help you destress.  So, spend some time looking at the apps available and test a few of them out.  You never know when a new app will save you time or solve a problem that you were having.

3.  Use the Internet to Practice Critical Thinking Skills

Let’s face it that everyone has their own opinions.  Why not spend some time researching opinions and world views then use this data to form your own opinion.  Watch TedTalks and other critical thinking videos that can help you with this.  You never know when your opinion may change based upon the research that you have done.  Besides, it is always a good practice to be able to defend both sides of an issue.

 2.  Use the Internet to Learn a New Language

Are you planning a trip where they speak a different language?  If so, then now is the time to learn another language.  Or perhaps your new clients speak a different language.  Learning to speak their language can eliminate many communication issues come up.  Besides learning a new language can be extremely beneficial.

1. Get Involved with a Worthy Cause or Charity

Get involved with a Charity or Cause that is near and dear to your heart.  This could be funding for cancer research or supplies to help those suffering from Hurricane Ian.  Volunteering your services or helping with fundraising is a great way to help a cause that you care about.  You can find out more information about them through a simple Internet search.


I am sure that you agree with me that these suggestions are a great way to spend time on the Internet.  From learning a new language to getting involved with a charity there are many ways to benefit from the Internet.  Let me know in the comments below which of the 10 items you found the most helpful.  Until next time please be safe.

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