Hi, I’m Nancy, and welcome to my channel.  Anyone that knows anything about Notion knows that Notion has an enormous following. With such a huge following it is no wonder that people have questions about Notion’s abilities. That is why today, I am going to answer the question of whether Notion can be used offline. Stay till the end of this short video as I will tell you Notion’s response to this question.

Notion Does Not Sync

First let’s talk about how Notion works.  Notion is a web-based application that requires the Internet to connect to their servers.    As a result, you have limited access to your files when not connected to the Internet.  This can be extremely frustrating if your Internet access is spotty.

Web-based Application – Notion

If you have tried to use Notion while offline you may notice that the app asks you to connect to the Internet.  Like I said before, Notion is a web-based app and cannot function unless there is an Internet connection.  However, there is one work around but be prepared for a poor user experience.

How To Use Notion Offline?

According to Notion the only way to access Notion offline is to open the page you want to work on with an active Internet connect. Then keep that page open while offline. Now make your changes. DO NOT CLOSE NOTION WHILE OFFLINE AS ANY CHANGES WILL BE LOST. This is because Notion will be utilizing your computer’s temporary memory which gets wiped out if you close the Notion app or web browser.  If you close the app or web browser prior to the Internet connection being restored, then the data will not have a chance to get synced with Notion’s servers.

I did ask Notion’s technical support team if they were going to add this feature to the app. As of recording this video, Notion’s technical support team could not confirm when this feature would be implemented as offline mode is complex and they only want to deliver a best-in-class experience.

My Recommendations

Personally, I would not use Notion unless I had an Internet connection.  I would hate to put time and effort into updating or changing a page offline and hope that the page does not get closed before the Internet gets back online.  This is where the ability to save or backup Notion’s data locally would come in handy.  That way you could sync Notion once it came back online.  Leave me your thoughts down below if you found this video helpful.

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