The traditional ways of being productive has gone away in favor of more modern ways. That is why I handpicked the top 7 websites to find awesome free notion templates to increase your productivity.

Notion Website

No matter what you are planning to do, with Notion’s simple user interface and templates will have your organized in minutes. Upon opening the website, you will see a variety of templates waiting for you. There are templates on education, marketing, and even startups that make this website a one-stop location. Surprisingly, the homepage of this website also suggests templates from famous YouTubers like Ali Abdaal and Thomas Frank.

Anotioneer[2] – Notion Templates

With a beautiful website design, anotioneer is focused on providing specific templates related to work, home, and study. At first, the homepage might make you feel like something is missing from the corners of the website. However, you realize how productive and straightforward-oriented their templates are if you look closer.

For example, in the Notion at work section, you will find templates from customary journey maps to automated client tasks, communication managers, and much more. 

Not to forget, there is also a separate section of premium templates that covers templates like House Hunting Organizer and more.  

The Notion Bar[3] – Notion Templates

If you love MS Excel or prefer using it for all your complex projects, then “thenotionbar” could become your perfect partner. You will find that Notion Bar knows how to organize your projects in a more advanced manner than MS Excel. You will discover retro-style templates when you visit this website. Like other websites, the notion bar also has many templates to cover all your requirements. In addition, you will find some paid templates on travel bucket lists, personal reading roadmaps, and much more. Astonishingly, the website also allows you to add images to your templates by presenting you with rare templates like the Date idea planner and dashboard.

Red Gregory[4] – Notion Templates

In the late 1980s, a revolutionary time management method called Pomodoro Technique was created by[5] Francesco Cirillo. A person must take a 5-minute break after every 25 minutes of work to achieve the highest productivity. However, even today, it may be challenging to execute this technique as designed. Surprisingly, has specially designed a template with a live timer based on this technique to ensure you take complete advantage of this method. Furthermore, the website has also designed super productive templates divided into six main categories: planning, tracking, organized note-making, journaling, organizing, and designing. So, when your project falls into any of these six categories, do not forget to check on this website. Because it knows how to meet all your expectations without letting you switch to other websites.

Notion Pages[6] – Notion Templates

Compared to other websites, what makes stand out from the rest is the advanced tips section from the experienced nation users who are waiting to share all the lessons they have learned in making their lives more productive than others. In addition, the website also greets you with well-structured downloadable templates covering each area of your life. 

For example, templates cover resumes, TV show lists, weekly planners, research projects, and more.

Notion Vip

As the name suggests, Notion.VIP makes sure to give you a VIP experience right from when you land on its website. The site first asks for your email address before giving you access to all its features. However, the moment you verify your email id, you will find a more advanced and clean template than any other website you have visited. In addition to the tips given by the experienced notion users, you will also find a video tutorial for utilizing the templates and a certification course that is in tune with ensuring your life is more productive beyond imagination.[8]

With professionally designed templates to sync with your life, is considered a platform where notion template experts come to share their experiences in paid products. Although the website offers free templates for the users, various templates related to the company, freelance, personal, startup, and the student will compel you to instantly fall in love with them. Moreover, the best part, the website also allows you to design your template and sell it on this platform to make money. So, once you develop your unique productivity level with your favorite template, the gates of this website are always open for you to share your experience and make money from it. Nevertheless, I recommended checking their guidelines for uploading your template to ensure you fulfill all their requirements. 


So these are the top 7 websites that are waiting to introduce you to the fantastic way of living your life. Although it might feel confusing as to which website you should begin with, if you choose anyone of them, we believe it will make sure never to disappoint you every step of the way.

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