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     Top 5 Things To Do Now Government Is Reopened

Now that the Government has reopened its doors, it is time to take steps to protect our business.  The following are the 5 steps that government contractors should be taking . This is just a brief overview of the topics discussed in the podcast and YouTube channels.

1. Review contracts for continued costs accrued during the shutdown. You can get reimbursement for expenses.

2.  Do not start work until you receive from the Contracting Officer permission to do so.

3.  Breach Of Contract. It is advisable to review your contracts to see if the Government breached the contract.  If so, contact your attorney and come up with a game plan on how to proceed.

4.  Congress has created an Act called Fair Compensation For Low Wage Contractor Employees Act. I found information for this at 

5. Bridge Contract – Don’t consider your contract over yet.  In some cases, the government may issue a bridge contract to cover the time until they can rebid the contract.

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