According to Richard Branson[1], “An idea not written down is an idea lost. When inspiration calls, you have got to capture it”. Today[2], his Virgin Group controls more than 400 companies in different areas. 

The importance of bullet journals has existed for decades, but very few can understand the incredible results they can provide. Although the traditional form of bullet journals did make many people lazy in carrying it everywhere, we believe these[3] “Top 5 Digital Bullet Journals” of the 21st century will open the gates of endless productivity and success in your life. 


With 250,000 companies using nTask, including Google and Apple, the application has grabbed the number one position. This has made nTask an excellent app for making people’s life more organized than ever before.

This application lets you create a dedicated workspace and track the perfect to-do list. There is also a time tracker feature that allows you to manually add time within it. You can also set up an automatic timer to help you stay super accountable to yourself and your team.

Although the app does charge you $3.00 per month to get a taste of its available features. Try the free version to take advantage of most of the apps traits. Thus making it apart of your life.

Day One[5]

Day One is “App of the Year” for Apple users due to its excellent layout. This layout makes task management more manageable then you can ever imagine. One of the best features is the ability to add photos, videos, and audio recordings. Are you Worried about security? Day One comes with multi-level security like biometric security, passcode and an automatic backup. Wow, that takes a load of my mind. But hold on, the best is to come. You can also connect the application with all Apple products.

Day One loves charging $3.00 per month but there is a free version available.

Note Plan[6]

From creating folders to even exporting your tasks or notes in pdf format, the note plan will make you fall in love with a user-friendly notepad that is always ready to customize itself as per your needs. As compared to other applications, Note Plan is a simple all-in-one journal that focuses on combining all your notes, tasks, and calendar in one place. You can see your calendar, the notes, and the tasks you allocated under one view. The app also consists of some fantastic innovative tools like repeating to-do lists, adding tags, auto-completion of tags, moving tasks on any future date, or blocking the time of the task if you get stuck in urgent work. 

Available only for Apple users, the app does charge 7 Dollars per month, but you can also ask for a free trial version by giving your email address to its team.


As the word suggests, Journey is more like a personal motivator than just a simple Digital Bullet Journal. What makes it stand out from the rest is the range of inbuilt self-development programs like staying positive or self-love topics to help you stay positive all the time. Surprisingly, the app also tries its best to keep you fit with its fitness tracker and a mood tracker that gives you a complete overview of your mood during an entire month or year.

With so many outstanding features, it seems understood why it has been awarded as the best application of 2017 and grabbing excellence award in 2018. For 5 dollars per month, Journey seems like a worthy friend to be with, but if you need time to let this friend entirely into your life, there is always a free version waiting for you to try. 


From deep analysis of the tasks to integrating your data with more than 200 applications, Asana is not in the mood to stay below the top 5 applications of 2022. With the mesmerizing user interface, Asana lets you organize your tasks in various viewing angles like list view and also shows a timeline of your objectives to track them more transparently. Some of the unique features include a project overview to help get a complete picture of things attached with a particular work, creating customized forms to get sufficient details from your team on projects, 50 plus colorful user-friendly templates, and even creating customized rules like setting up due dates to automate repetitive tasks so that you can focus more on important ones.

For 11 dollars per month, the application tries to entertain you with its advanced search feature, setting milestones, and some unique private team options. However, if you don’t want any of these features, then the free version is always waiting for you with open arms.  


We hope these top digital bullet journals will bring a massive change to your life. Although adopting digital bullet journals could indeed take some time, if you stay determined to take full advantage of these apps, they will make sure never to disappoint you. 

So what do you think about these marvelous digital bullet journals of the 21st century?

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