Three Steps For Writing Proposals EP041

The Three Steps to Writing a Bid   Welcome to the wonderful world of government contracting.  We wish you all the best in 2019 and thank you for your continued support of our blog, podcast and YouTube channels.  Please remember to subscribe, click the notification bell, and hit the “Thumbs Up” button.  This is episode number 40 for our podcast and episode number 6 for our YouTube channel.

Today‚Äôs topic is on Three Steps to Writing a Bid. These simple steps will make the proposal process easier.  Just try it.

Step One

There are three steps to writing a bid.  The first step is analyzing the solicitation.  It is imperative to read and understand the solicitation requirements.  As this will help you determine whether to bid on the project. Once the decision to bid on a project is made the next step is to break down the solicitation.  We need to make sure that your proposal addresses all the requirements of the solicitation.  Remember the goal is to convince the buyers to award the contract to your company.

Step Two

Preparation and Research are essential when preparing your proposal. Start step two by breaking the solicitation down into different parts.  Then use these parts to create a template.  Now is the time to gather all the information needed to respond to the solicitation.  Remember your goal is to demonstrate that your company is experienced and can handle the contract.

Step Three

In step three we will concentrate on writing and submitting our proposal.   This is where you will show that you understand the solicitation requirements and have gathered the data necessary to prove that you know how you will meet the criteria.  Writing the proposal is merely the task of assembling the information in a compact and organized way following the instructions given in the solicitation.


As you can see the steps of responding to a bid is not overly complicated once you break the process down into the three steps.  This has been a simple overview of the steps of responding to a proposal.  We will be covering each of these steps in more details in our next episodes. We notify our subscribers when releasing articles.  Consider subscribing.

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