The Ultimate Guide To The Pre-award Survey

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We have walked you through the bid and evaluation process.  Now, we are going to discuss the pre-award survey. But first let’s review what we have discussed in previous episodes.

The Ultimate Guide to the Pre-Award Survey

The Ultimate Guide To The PREAWARD SURVEY     Welcome to the wonderful world of Federal Contracting Made Easy.  We are on episode number 93 and today’s topic is on preparing for the preaward survey.  But before we get started let’s roll that intro.   Welcome Back.

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The government is responsible for evaluating a bid to determine, first and foremost the responsiveness of an offer to the solicitation.  Yes, this is a technical process and consists of checking all the paperwork.  In addition, the government will be making sure the proposal does not contain unacceptable deviations.  Furthermore, the government must decide whether the proposed winner is responsible and capable enough to handle the contract.

What is a Pre-Award Survey?

To assist the government in determining whether the contractor is responsible and capable, the government may perform a Pre-Award Survey, otherwise known as a PAS.  How in-depth is the pre-award survey?  Well, the survey must contain enough detailed to ensure that the proposed award winner has the capability to meet the requirements of the solicitation.  It may involve a team of government personnel verifying your capabilities first-hand, or it may consist of reviewing pertinent information about your company.  To help you prepare we suggest that you develop a checklist. In fact, we insist. Besides we are going to cover most of the items that you will want to have in your checklist in today’s article. Remember, the end goal is to determine your capability to perform the contract! Next, we will discuss how to prepare for the pre-award survey.

How to Preparation for Pre-Award Survey?

Let’s look at ways that you can prepare ahead of time for the pre-award survey. Remember our goal is to ensure that we receive a favorable outcome! First let’s look at your personnel.


The first step is to decide who will greet the survey team. Ideally, it should be the CEO or President of the company. Make sure that the person you select to great the survey team is authorized to speak on behalf of the company. Furthermore, the individual needs to have a thorough understanding of the solicitation and your proposal.

In fact, you will also need to have technicians available to meet with the government so that they can respond to any questions that the government has. Below are questions that you may want to include on your checklist.

  • First decide who will meet with the government survey team? 
  • Next decide which technicians will be available to meet with the government? 
  • Lastly do your labor resources have the proper skills or that you can hire personnel with the proper skills?

After completing this step, the next step is to identify any disparities that may exist between the solicitation and your offer to the government.

Disparities and Capabilities

After greeting the survey team members it is time to discuss any disparities that exist (if any) between the solicitation and your offer. Below are addition items to address:

  • Identify any disparities that may exist between the solicitation and your offer that might need to be resolved during the initial meeting with the survey team.
  • How can you demonstrate actual technical capability, or development of technical capability on the proposed contract?

Production Plan, Plant Facilities & Equipment

  • Have you developed the production plan?  You will need to have your production plan completed and available for review by the survey team.
  • Review your production plan and make sure that you can demonstrate a capability to meet contract schedules.
  • Are your plant facilities and equipment available and operational?  If they are not, be prepared to demonstrate that they can be developed or acquired in time to meet the proposed contract requirements.
  • You will need to show that you can meet the transportation, packaging, packing and preservation conditions of the solicitation.
  • Does the contract require industrial security clearance?  How will this be obtained if required? 
  • Provide a listing of available tools and equipment for the team production specialist.

Vendors, SubContractors & Materials

  • First do you have plans in place for vendor supplies and materials? 
  • Second do you have subcontractors in place?  You will need to provide this information to the survey team to assure them that you can meet the final delivery schedule. 
  • Third are your plans verifiable.

Past Performance

  • First gather and have available to the survey team the following documents: previous government contracts
  • Secondly any subcontractors,
  • Third any commercial orders.

This is necessary to demonstrate to the government that you have a satisfactory performance record regarding delivery, quality and finances.

In order for the government to determine if you have the financial resources available to perform on the contract the government will review your corporate financial statements. Next, we will talk about the financial statements that you will need to provide to the government.

Financial Resources

  • First, have your CFO gather the following financial documents:
    • One – profit & loss statement
    • Two – balance sheet,
    • Three – cash flow statement
    • Four – any other documents to enhance your financial information.
  • Second, does the contract allow for progress payments?
  • Third, have you prepared adequate accounting documentation for review by the audit agency representative of the survey team?

Afterwards re-read the technical data and any publications mentioned in the proposed contract.

Technical Data & Publications

  • In the meantime, review and understand any technical data & publications required under the proposed contract.

Quality Control Program, & Government Furnished Equipment

  • First review your quality control program and ensured that it is workable and consistent with the quality requirements stated in the contract. 
  • Second be prepared to review this plan with the survey team.
  • Third is the government furnishing any equipment, property or material? 
  • If so, make sure that you have established procedures in accordance with the regulation stated in the contract.
  • Lastly, prepare any other information or data that might be pertinent in assisting the survey team.

You Won The Contract

Now what?  Well, after you have won the contract and congratulated yourself and your team it is time to fulfill the contract.  But wait, we are not going to leave you hanging.  We will go over a contract performance checklist in our next blog post.  So, make sure that you subscribe, comment and like our blogs.

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