Best FREE Notion Templates for 2021 | Boost Your Productivity

I have scoured to find you the BEST #FREENotionTemplates to use in 2021. These #notiontemplates will increase your productivity especially if you are new to #Notion.

Today, I will show you the best all-around Notion templates you can use in your Notion Workspace.  Best of all, these templates are free, so that is no need for you to spend any money. Just click the link on the template name and it will take you to the page where the template is located. Click the duplicate button and the template will be copied to your Notion page.

 Contractor Invoice Template

Now Notion was never intended to be used as invoicing software, but if that’s what you want to use it for, then use this contractor invoice template.  Someone first shared on Reddit, and it will do the trick.  Just remember to download the template as a PDF before printing.

Lightweight To-Do List Template

We all are guilty of spending way too much time managing our to-do list.  This to-do list template brings the basics back to your to-do list.  Just enter what you need to get done, then keep it updated with a single drag-and-drop to stay organized.

Daily Planner Template

Up next is the Daily Planner.  A YouTuber named Mickey Mellen created this daily planner to help you keep track of all your tasks, appointments, and meetings in just one place.  There is even a built-in journal for taking notes at the end of your day.

Finance & Budgeting Template

You do not need any expensive budgeting programs to straighten out your finances.  This template has everything that you need, including income and expense records.  It also includes a savings calculator to top it off.

Weekly Agenda Template

Plan out your week with this Weekly Agenda template.  You can set daily tasks, outline essential things to remember, keep track of habits, and even reflect on how productive your week has been.  Best of all, you can do this from just one dashboard.

Subscriptions Tracker Template

Nowadays, you need a log to track all the various services you have subscribed to – Amazon Prime, Microsoft 365, etc.  It can be a pain to track how much they cost when they are due to be renewed.  That is why I am glad I came across this subscription tracker.

Habit Tracker

Developing new habits takes time. That is why I started using this habit tracker.  It makes it easy for me to keep track of the habits I am trying to develop. Check out this habit tracker and let me know what you think.

Productivity System

It seems as if we are busier today than we were yesterday.  It can be frustrating trying to juggle projects and meet deadlines.  This productivity system aims to break down your projects into small chunks and assigns blocks of time to complete them.  Also, you can store links to essential files and documents.

Book List

I love to read books.  That is why when I found this Reading List template, I knew I had to get it.  It is effortless to use and has multiple layouts.

Is It Safe to Use Free Templates?

The templates I have listed are safe to use.  The majority of the templates I got off the Notion website, and the others were from the website. 


Templates are an excellent way for you to get started with Notion or expand your Notion use.  I generally build my templates, but sometimes it is easier to search for a template and use one developed by someone else.  Let me know your favorite templates down below in the comments.

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