Is The Bear App a Better Alternative than Joplin App?

Is Bear App or Joplin app Better For me

Bear and Joplin are good note-taking apps aimed for individuals that are security-conscious and want total control over where their data is stored. The creators of the Bear App have concentrated their efforts on the Apple only devices, which means that you cannot get the app for anything other iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Whereas, […]

Joplin Vs. Obsidian Which App?

Joplin vs Obsidian

Joplin Vs. Obsidian Which is the Best Note-Taking App for You? Hi, it’s Nancy.  Today, I am going to go over Joplin and Obsidian.  The goal is for you to make an educated decision on whether you want to try one or both of these apps.  As always, I will be providing you with my […]