HUBZone Contracting Dollars Down 71% Since 2010

HUBZone Contracting Dollars Down 71% Since 2010

That’s right! HUBZone contracting dollars have been spiraling out of control since 2010 with no end in sight. Before we go any further we need to explain what the program is. HUBZone Contracting Program Overview HUBZone stands for Historically Underutilized Business Zones.  This program helps small businesses in urban and rural areas gain access to […]

Government Came to Visit Me

Government Came For A Visit

It has been a couple of years since you took the first steps to adventure into government contracting.  Your business is HUBZone certified and the business has won HUBZone contracts.  Things are going well when suddenly a visitor walks in stating that they are from the Government and you need to answer a few questions. […]

About the HUBZone Set-aside Program


The HUBZone program is another set-aside program that is available to small businesses.  This program is one of the most difficult ones to qualify for as your principal business has to be located in a qualifying area and 35% of your employees must also reside in a qualifying area.  It is not necessary for the […]