12 Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

12 Way To IMPROVE Your Cash Flow

Managing cash flow is the lifeblood of your business.  After all, your business depends on the cash flowing in to pay for those expenses needed to operate your business.  Today, I will discuss 12 ways to improve cash flow which can help you encourage incoming payments, delay outlays of cash and stay on top of […]

Why Overhead Costs Matter to Entrepreneurs?

Why Overhead Costs Matter To Enterpreneurs_

Overhead is all expenses not related to producing your product or providing your service. In other words, overhead refers to the indirect costs of running your business. Types of Overhead There are three types of overhead costs: Fixed Costs – These expenses stay consistent each month. They are not dependent on the number of products […]

10 Steps To Start A Business

Follow these simple steps to start your next business. 1.)  Perform market research.  Research your business idea and determine how profitable it will be.  There is nothing worse than starting a business only to determine that it will not be profitable. 2.)   Develop a business plan.  You will find that your business plan is a free […]

Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement

Small business owners started their businesses because they are passionate about the work that they do. The majority of them are not a CPA and unless they have a CPA that can explain their Profit and Loss Statements in easy to understand terms they just don’t look at them.  I have worked with hundreds of […]