Kizzy Dominguez – Government Contractor Shares Secrets To Success

Kizzy Dominguez - Government Contractor Shares Secrets To Success

Today, I interviewed Kizzy Dominguez a Government Contractor with K. Parks Consulting Incorporated an Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) that has successfully won government contracts. Kizzy is going to share will our viewers today, tips and strategies to help you achieve success in government contracting. Nancy (00:00): Hello and welcome to today’s show. I’m […]

What Contracts Are Used in Government Contracting?

What are the Different Contracts Used in Government Contracting_

In this video, I will be discussing seven different types of contracts used in government contracting.  I will also be providing the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) reference for your information.  Now, if you are new to the government contracting world, then you need to know that the FAR is the primary regulation used by executive […]

Key To Winning Contracts – Wrap Rates

What Is Wrap Rates?

We are going to continue our accounting series by discussing wrap rates.   No, I am not talking about wrapping a car. Before we go any further, I must tell you I am not an expert in this field.  All I can do is explain wrap rates as they were explained to me a long time […]

Top MISTAKE Gov’t Contractors Make

Top MISTAKES Gov't Contractors Make - NO Strategy

The number one mistake that new government contractors make is not having a plan. It is tough to break into this market.  The best way to do so is to have a plan.  Now, I am not talking about a set-aside here.  I am talking about a plan on how you believe you can break […]

7 Lessons to Know as a Government Contractor

7 Things You Need To Know To Be a SUCCESSFUL Gov't Contractor

Government contracting is continually changing. Either you learn to adapt or the opportunities pass you by. Today, we are looking at ways successful government contractors have managed to stay on top of their market. It is suggested that you start by adapting one lesson at a time. Political impasses, sequestration, debt ceilings, continuing resolutions, and […]

Why You Need a Strategy in Gov’t Contracting?

Why You Need a Strategy in Gov't Contracting?

I recently read an article by Deltek regarding Government Contracting Industry Study.  Although this article is almost a year old, I believe that the study of the government contracting industry is still spot-on for the industry.  Deltek has identified essential trends, challenges, and benchmarks in the government contracting sector. Overall, the statements made in the […]

Government Contractors-DUNS Number Is Going Away

DUNS Number Going Away

The General Services Administration (GSA) is replacing the DUNS number with a new 12-character identifier ID.  How soon will this happen?  GSA states that this is happening by December 2020. Why Change the DUNS Number? Dun & Bradstreet created the DUNS number back in 1962. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) required a number as part of […]

Is the GSA Schedule Right For My Business?

Is the GSA Schedule Right For My Business

Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. If you click on a link on this site and elect to purchase a product then we will receive a commission. All monies received are used to fund the site. Let’s take a step back and talk about what the GSA Schedule is before we go any further. The […]

Three Steps to Writing a Bid

Three Steps to Writing a Bid

Today’s topic is on Three Steps to Writing a Bid. These simple steps will make the proposal process easier.  Just try it. Step One There are three steps to writing a bid.  The first step is analyzing the solicitation.  It is imperative to read and understand the solicitation requirements.  As this will help you determine […]

Debriefing – Always Ask for One

Debriefing - Always Ask for One

What is a Debriefing? A Debriefing is your opportunity to understand the basis for the selection decision made by the agency.  During the debriefing you will have a chance to hear from the agency regarding:  evaluation process; how your proposal related to the evaluation criteria; deficiencies in your proposal; successful parts of your proposal; and reasonable […]