3 NEW Evernote Features to EXCEL Your Productivity

New Updates To EVERNOTE

Hi and welcome to my channel.  I’m Nancy, and today I am going over the “3 New Features To Excel Your Productivity Using Evernote” that was just released.  Ian Small, an Evernote CEO, states that these changes represent “a redefinition of Evernote’s fundamental makeup.  Evernote is evolving into a true extension of your brain, one […]

Bear App vs Evernote App |Which is the Better App?

Bear vs Evernote \ Which App is Better

Welcome to my channel; I’m Nancy, and today we are reviewing two powerful note-taking apps available.  The first one is called Bear, and the second app is Evernote. First, let’s see how they compare.  Now be sure to stay till the end as I will tell you the pros and cons of Bear and Evernote. […]

Evernote vs. Obsidian. Which App?

Evernote vs. Obsidian Which App Is Right For You?

Hi, it’s Nancy.  Today, I am going to go over Evernote and Obsidian.  The goal is for you to make an educated decision on whether you want to try one or both of these apps.  As always, I will be providing you with my opinion on both of these apps.  Just remember that what works […]

Best Note-taking Apps Evernote vs. Joplin

When it comes to note-taking apps and using them to increase your productivity, having an app that syncs across all your devices and has a browser version is necessary.  That is why today, I am comparing Evernote and Joplin.  The King of Note-Taking Apps The king of note-taking apps has been Evernote. However, the company […]