What is the Difference Between Accrual & Cash Accounting?

What is the difference between accural and cash accounting?

The major difference between accrual and cash basis accounting the timing for recording the revenues and the expenses. When using the Cash Accounting Method, your revenues and expenses are immediately recognized. In contrast, accrual accounting focuses on anticipated revenue and expenses. Key Factors In Accrual Accounting the entries for revenue and expenses happen when they […]

How to Manage Business Money in Challenging Times?

How to Manage Business Money in Challenging Times_

It is challenging managing a business during normal times, but when the economy turns, it adds to the chaos.  Since this pandemic has hit the World, our sense of normal has clearly changed.  As a result, we need to either adapt, or our businesses will fail to exist.  As we adjust to this new normal, […]

12 Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

12 Way To IMPROVE Your Cash Flow

Managing cash flow is the lifeblood of your business.  After all, your business depends on the cash flowing in to pay for those expenses needed to operate your business.  Today, I will discuss 12 ways to improve cash flow which can help you encourage incoming payments, delay outlays of cash and stay on top of […]

Search Engine Optimization for Gov’t Contractors

Using SEO To SCALE Your Business

Introduction Nancy (00:04): Using SEO to Scale Your Business. An interview with Tanner from Ranksey Digital Marketing. Hey, it’s future Nancy and Tanner told me after we finished recording the video that throughout the video, I kept referring to SEO as CEO. So please note that I mean, SEO, instead of CEO throughout the video. […]

How to Create Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch!?!

How To Create a 30 Second Elevator Pitch

A great introduction goes a long way to setting the stage for a professional conversation—especially when used at networking events or tradeshows.  The one tool that people use to make introductions simple and effective is the elevator pitch.  Today, we are going to provide several elevator pitches (speech) examples and tips to help create, craft, […]