COVID-19 Contract Performance & Guidance


The government has to restrict contract performance to those “Essential Business and Operations” contracts because of the COVID-19 virus. But what is the definition of Essential Business and Operations? The following meets the government’s requirements: Groceries & Medicine; Food, beverage, and licensed marijuana production & agriculture; Organizations that provide charitable and social services; Religious entities […]

Coronavirus May Impact Government Contractors

Coronavirus May Impact Government Contractors

Who would have thought that a virus could impact not only the United States but the world? This Coronavirus has created challenges for government contractors. As a result, it is best if government contractors anticipate the following problems with regards to their federal contracts. Coronavirus Impact On Supply Chain This disease has interrupted the global […]

Do You Need a Low-Interest Loan?

Can You Use a Low-Interest Loan Till the Pandemic Passes_

Has your business been impacted by the Coronavirus? If so, you might be eligible for an SBA Disaster Loan. Small businesses can borrow up to $2 Million. Thus providing you with temporary relief from the loss of revenue as a result of the Coronavirus. Where Can I Obtain a Low-Interest Loan? The U.S. Small Business […]