President Trump Impact Winning Election-Small Biz

President Trump Impact Winning Election-Small Biz

Last week we discussed Mr. Joe Biden’s policies that would impact small businesses if he could get these policies through Congress. Today, we are going to discuss the President’s Trump Policies for small businesses. I must say it was challenging trying to find President Trump’s policies for small businesses. The pandemic has been the driving […]

Impact on Small Business If Joe Biden Wins Election

Impact on Small Business If Joe Biden Wins Presidential Election

I thought it would be interesting to review Joe BidenSmall Business Policies to see the impact you can expect if he wins the election. Today, I am concentrating on Joe Biden.  I am also providing my thoughts on his policies. 1st Biden Policy: Establish a True Small Business Fund:  The first policy I found had […]

How to Manage Business Money in Challenging Times?

How to Manage Business Money in Challenging Times_

It is challenging managing a business during normal times, but when the economy turns, it adds to the chaos.  Since this pandemic has hit the World, our sense of normal has clearly changed.  As a result, we need to either adapt, or our businesses will fail to exist.  As we adjust to this new normal, […]

12 Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

12 Way To IMPROVE Your Cash Flow

Managing cash flow is the lifeblood of your business.  After all, your business depends on the cash flowing in to pay for those expenses needed to operate your business.  Today, I will discuss 12 ways to improve cash flow which can help you encourage incoming payments, delay outlays of cash and stay on top of […]

What is the DBE Program|Tips and Tricks

What is the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs (DBE) | Tips and Tricks

What is the DBE Program? | Tips and Tricks Let’s face it, we all need all the help we can get with government contracting. (#government contracting) That is where today’s topic comes into play. What is the DBE Program (#DBE)and Tips & Tricks is aimed to help you make the most of this program. The […]

Key To Winning Contracts – Wrap Rates

What Is Wrap Rates?

We are going to continue our accounting series by discussing wrap rates.   No, I am not talking about wrapping a car. Before we go any further, I must tell you I am not an expert in this field.  All I can do is explain wrap rates as they were explained to me a long time […]

Accounting System- What is the Purpose

PURPOSE & Functions - Accounting System r1

Hi, my name is Nancy, and today we are going to start a series of videos on cost accounting.  What is the purpose of the accounting system is the topic today. Now before we go any further, I need your help.  You see, presently, this channel does not receive any advertising revenue from YouTube.  Youtube […]

Debriefing – Always Ask for One

Debriefing - Always Ask for One

What is a Debriefing? A Debriefing is your opportunity to understand the basis for the selection decision made by the agency.  During the debriefing you will have a chance to hear from the agency regarding:  evaluation process; how your proposal related to the evaluation criteria; deficiencies in your proposal; successful parts of your proposal; and reasonable […]