Debriefing – Always Ask for One

Debriefing - Always Ask for One

What is a Debriefing? A Debriefing is your opportunity to understand the basis for the selection decision made by the agency.  During the debriefing you will have a chance to hear from the agency regarding:  evaluation process; how your proposal related to the evaluation criteria; deficiencies in your proposal; successful parts of your proposal; and reasonable […]

Are You a Responsible Contractor?

Are You a Responsible Contractor?

Are you a Responsible Contractor?  Everyone would answer yes to this question.  However, we are talking about government contracting and how the government determines if you are a responsible contractor.  First, you need to address this in your business strategy.  To do so we must look at the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 9.1.   A contracting officer […]

Free Business Assistance for Women

Government Ethics for Federal Contractors

Wanting to develop your business strategy?   Did you know that there is a free resource available to you to help you do just that? Created by the U.S, Small Business Administration the Women Business Center (WBC) is established to enable and empower women entrepreneurs through advocacy, outreach, education, and support.  These centers provide management and technical […]

How Can SCORE Help My Business

business development strategy

Working on your business development strategy is tough.  Sometimes you cannot go it alone and you need some help.  Where do you turn to find someone that is credible and knowledgeable that understands business?  This is exactly what today’s topic is about.  Learn how SCORE can help you devise your business development strategy to expand […]

About SBA’s All Small Mentor-Protégé Program

Set-aside Site Visits Required for 8(a) Businesses

The All Small Mentor-Protégé Program otherwise known as MPP is designed to provide small businesses with business development assistance and to enhance their ability to successfully compete for federal contracts. Eligibility To be eligible to participate in the All Small Mentor-Protege program the protégé must be either a for-profit business or an agricultural cooperative that […]

The GSA Schedule as a Business Development Strategy

Business Development Strategy

Let’s start today’s topic with who is the General Services Administration and why you might consider using their Multiple Award Schedule as a business development strategy. Who is U.S. General Services Administration? The U. S. General Services Administration otherwise known as GSA provides centralized federal procurement and property management to help federal agencies better serve […]

Where are Federal Opportunities Listed?

Federal Business Opportunities

You are ready to seek opportunities with the federal government as one of your business development strategies.  You have completed your System for Award Management (SAM) registration now where do you go to see opportunities?  That is today’s topic on Federal Contracting Made Easy. Federal Business Opportunities Website Federal procurement opportunities over $25,000 are listed […]

Woman Owned Small Business Set-aside Program as a Business Development Strategy

Government Ethics for Federal Contractors

  As a small business owner, you realize that business development is a necessary and essential part of your business.  What better way to grow and develop your business than to expand into government contracting?  By capitalizing on the small business set aside programs you can compete against only those businesses that are in your […]