No More Mistakes -Government Proposal

No More Mistakes When Submitting Your Government Proposals

Congratulations on arriving at your last step in the proposal writing process.  At the present time, you have finished writing your proposal. There are multiple ways that you can submit your bid.  Some of them are U.S. Mail, UPS, FedEx or hand deliver to name a few.  Remember, the U.S. Post Office is the only […]

Debriefing – Always Ask for One

Debriefing - Always Ask for One

What is a Debriefing? A Debriefing is your opportunity to understand the basis for the selection decision made by the agency.  During the debriefing you will have a chance to hear from the agency regarding:  evaluation process; how your proposal related to the evaluation criteria; deficiencies in your proposal; successful parts of your proposal; and reasonable […]