Notion vs. Joplin | Which is the Better App?

Notion Vs. Joplin

Which is the better note-taking app?  Notion or Joplin? That is today’s discussion. INTRODUCTION Hi, I’m Nancy and welcome to my channel.  To decide which app is the best for you we need to look at the following: [CHAPTERS] Ease of Use Features Security; and Backup Capabilities Be sure to stay till the end of […]

Is The Bear App a Better Alternative than Joplin App?

Is Bear App or Joplin app Better For me

Bear and Joplin are good note-taking apps aimed for individuals that are security-conscious and want total control over where their data is stored. The creators of the Bear App have concentrated their efforts on the Apple only devices, which means that you cannot get the app for anything other iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Whereas, […]

Bear App vs Evernote App |Which is the Better App?

Bear vs Evernote \ Which App is Better

Welcome to my channel; I’m Nancy, and today we are reviewing two powerful note-taking apps available.  The first one is called Bear, and the second app is Evernote. First, let’s see how they compare.  Now be sure to stay till the end as I will tell you the pros and cons of Bear and Evernote. […]

OneNote vs. Obsidian | Which is the Best Note-Taking App?

OneNote vs. Obsidian

Hi, it’s Nancy and today I am going to review OneNote vs Obsidian as we continue our quest to find the best note-taking app.  Each app has its pluses and minuses.  If you like the idea of a free app the OneNote is maybe the app for you. OneNote vs. Obsidian | Which is the […]

Microsoft OneNote versus Evernote

OneNote vs. Evernote | Which is the Best Note-Taking App?

When selecting the best note-taking app, there are two clear winners:  Microsoft OneNote and Evernote. As with all apps, each has its pluses and minuses.  If you are looking for a free app, then look no further than OneNote.  It comes with Window 10 and is available as a free standalone product. Evernote has a […]

Best Note-Taking App Notion or Joplin?

Best Note-Taking App Notion vs Joplin

Note-Taking used to be simple.  You pick up a piece of paper and a pen and start writing.  Thanks to Charles Babbage, who invented the computer, we now have many choices for taking notes.  We can use the old fashion way of pen and paper or use applications on our phones, tablets, or computers. Furthermore, […]