Apple has unveiled a new feature for macOS and iOS that will make working on the desktop easier, faster and way more fun. Stage Manager lets users take control of their workspace by positioning windows in different places, adjusting their size, and loading new apps using drag-and-drop animations.

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Be sure to stay till the end of the video as I show you how to access your desktop and add files or apps to Stage Manager.

How It Works?

Stage Manager works by automatically organizing any open apps and windows on your screen so that you can concentrate on your work and still see everything at a simple glance. 

Setting Up Stage Manager

First, click control center in the top right hand side of your screen.

MacOS Ventura Screen

There is a button to turn on or off Stage Manager.  If it is off, just click the button to turn it on.  Stage Manager automatically reorganizes your apps that were on your screen to the left hand side. Leaving the app that you were working on at the center of the screen.

Do you need a different app?  The just click on the left hand side of the screen to the app that you need now and it will be predominantly placed in the center of the screen.  If you have multiple windows open on the left hand side and need a different app then just click the stack on the left hand side where the app you need is located.  Just click the left hand side again until the app you want is displayed.

How to Group Windows

To group apps together, drag on window to the center of the screen to pair it with another app.  What is great about this feature is that you can have as many groups of apps together as need.  Also there is not a limit to the number of grouping that you have open.

How to Access Your Desktop?

If you need to access your desktop just click on the desktop and stage manager gets out of your way so that you can get a file that you need.  You can also add that file to one of your stage manager groups by dragging the file towards the left hand side of the screen and selecting which grouping it needs to go too.


Try out this feature and leave me a comment.  I know my productivity has increased by using Stage Manager and I am sure yours will too. Be sure to subscribe and click the notification button so you don’t miss another productivity or product review.  Until next time please be safe. For more articles please click here.