Hello and welcome back to my channel. I’m so glad that you stopped by today. I have the perfect stocking stuffer ready for you for those last-minute gifts that you need to put under that Christmas tree. Today, we’re gonna talk about the Soar King Wireless Charging Dock that works for a few of Logitech’s fabulous gaming mice. Let’s go over and look at ii.

SoarKing Charging Dock for Logitech Gaming Mouse

Logitech Wireless Charging Dock for Logitech Gaming Mice | Soar King Wireless Charging dock works on Logitech G Pro X, G502 Lightspeed, G703 Lightspeed, G893 Lightspeed.  This is an excellent wireless charging dock that wll keep your mouse charged up to 90%.  Since the logitech mice have a lithium battery you don’t want to overcharge them.  Therefore, the dock will only charge up to 90%.   For the price of $29.99 it is a steal considering that Logitech’s Power Play goes for $150 or more.

Soar King Charging Dock for Logitech Gaming Mice

So, you can see here we have the Soar King Docking Station. This little dock works well with the Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse, the G903 Light speed, the G793 Light speed and, of course, the G502 Light speed. Now, you can see that it’s a very, very tiny, tiny little device that works like that. So, it’s an excellent little dock

Wireless Charging Dock

I was looking for a dock and I wanted one to charge my mouse because I would continually forget to put it on the charger. Ad then when I would go to use it, it wouldn’t be charged, and I get frustrated, mad, and all kinds of things. So, I wanted one that I could just stick it on the charger and forget about. AND this works well. I have the G502 Wireless mouse, which I absolutely love. I did a review of this mice earlier. And it is insane.

In the Box,

Soar King Charging Dock

This Soar King Wireless Charging Station – charging set comes basically three things: The dock itself, it comes with a 10 gram weight that you can add to the bottom of the mouse and it comes with a power cord Which is just under six feet long. It can easily reach the back of your computer and up on the desktop.

On the back of the dock is two receptacles. One for the mouse receiver and one for the USB and micro usb power outlet. There is also a light on the back of the dock which turns blue when it is plugged in and red is when the device is charging.

On the bottom of your Logitech mouse is a module that you need to remove and replace with the 10 gram dongle. Now, for those of you who want the lightest weight mouse you can skip adding the module. If you want your mouse to weight a little more add the 10 gram module.

An easy way for one to take the mouse off the dock is to tilt it to the side. Once it breaks the connect with one of the magnets it will easily break the other magnet.

Charging Lithium Batteries

When wireless charging the dock will not exceed 90% because of the lithium battery can easily overcharge and cut its battery life short. The time to charge the mouse will also be slower than if you just plugged the mouse back in to the wall outlet.

For instance, my mouse last night only had a 14% power last night. I placed the mouse on the charger and left it for the night. The next morning I took the mouse off the charger and it was charged to 82%. This will provide me with more than enough power to get me through the day and allow for a little gaming at night.

In Fact, I don’t charge the mouse every night. I usually, charge it every other day.

Logitech PowerPlay Mat

The Logitech G PowerPlay mat can be found on Amazon for $168 where the Soar King charging station goes for $29.99. The Logitech G PowerPlay is really expensive. It works just like the Soar King dock. As long as the mouse is on the mat then the mouse is charging. I really did not need the mat so I thought I would try the Soar King dock. I just did not feel that the cost of the Logitech PowerPlay Mat was justified. The Soar King dock works excellent and takes up very little real estate.

Soar King Dimensions

The Soar King dock measures 2 1/2 ” by 2 1/2 ” by 1 1/2″. The cord is just under 6 feet in length and the module weights only 10 grams. It easily connects to your mouse.


The Soar King Dock has some negative reviews but it is because the reviewers did not understand how this charger works. You cannot charge a lithium battery to 100% or hold that charger for a longer time. That is why the Soar King can only charge up to 90%.

Other reviewers have stated that it takes a while to charge the mouse. The mouse will charge slower than when directly plugged into power. That is just how all wireless charging works. It is not any slower than the Logitech PowerPlay Mat. So, if you need it charged quickly then plug it in. Otherwise just let it sit on the dock.

My Recommendations

I can tell you that this Soar King Dock is an excellent choice. You can pick up your own through my Amazon Affiliate link. Now I must disclose that if you use this link I will receive a small commission. Don’t worry, Amazon will not raise your price to make up the commission.

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