Hi, I’m Nancy and welcome to my channel.  Today, we are going to talk about skyrocketing your productivity at work. Be sure to watch the whole video so that you can boost your productivity at work.

Organize & Declutter Your Workspace

The first step to increasing your productivity is to get organized.  After all a cluttered workspace makes it hard to figure out where to start!  After all, having a clean, clutter-free desktop where you can easily access everything that you need will decrease your stress levels and help you increase your productivity.

Increase Productivity By Planning Ahead

Start each day but listing your Most Important Task.  This is the one task that you must get completed that day.  While you are at it, list the next two things that need to get done today!  Now concentrate on completing your most important task.  Don’t let any distractions get in your way.

Take Regular Breaks To be more productive

Just because we work long hours does not mean that we are being productive.  After all, we are not robots.  We cannot continue to work long hours on end.  Our mind’s need time to rest and re-energize.  Studies show that by taking breaks helps our concentration and lifts our moods.  Start by walking around the office for five minutes or grab some water. 

Which time of Day Are You Most Productive

Each of us has a time of day when we are most productive.  For me, it is first thing in the mornings.  For others, it is in the evening.  Figure out what your is and use it to your advantage.  Plan to perform the Most Important Task during this timeframe.  Let me know how well it works for you.

Stop Multitasking To Increase Productivity

The number one thing that you are doing is stopping you from being productive.  That is stop multi-tasking.    Although you believe you are being productive you are not being productive.  Your mind is not capable of doing two or more things at once.  We just cannot do it.  Do me a favor and give it a try for one week.  Let me know your results in the comments below.

Productivity Wrap-up

Your productivity will skyrocket if you put these five things into practice.  It is not hard.  In fact, it is easy to clean and organize your room. Then plan out your top three tasks that need to be performed that day.  Remember to take regular breaks through the day and determine when you are most productive.  Lastly, quit multi-tasking.  Give these steps a try and tell me how well you did.

Productivity Call To Action

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