If you are like me, you want your Mac dock to only show those apps that you have placed on it.  However, Apple thinks that I need to also see apps that I have used recently.  I find this highly distracting and frankly it just bothers me.   I recently found a way to stop this from happening and thought I would share this with you.

For years, I have been right clicking on the app showing on the dock and removing it from the dock.  But as soon as I open the app again it is displayed on the dock.  Once I close the app it remains on the dock.

So, here are the steps to take so that these apps don’t display on the dock after you close them.

Click on the Apple Icon at the top left of your screen or click on system preferences.  I have my system preferences on my dock for easy access.  Now select “Dock & Menu Bar”.  Look towards the bottom of the pop up menu and find the box next to “Show Recent Applications in Dock”.  Uncheck this box.  Now your recently used apps that you have not added to your dock will disappear!!!.

Showing where to find setting on iOS device

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