I missed my appointment.  How did that happen?  Did I forget to setup a reminder?  No, I did.  Why doesn’t Notion send me a notification?  Oh wait, it does!!! Yeah, Notion does reminders.

Hi, It’s Nancy and welcome to my channel.  Today, I am going to show you how Notion allows you to send a notification to a task, event, or page so you NEVER, NEVER, NEVER (echo Never) miss a thing.

Let’s move over to the computer so I can demonstrate how to setup reminders on Notion.

Setting Up Reminders

Go to the spot on the page where you want to setup a reminder.  Type “@remind followed by a date, time, or both.  For example, @remind tomorrow, @remind 7pm, or @remind Friday at 1pm.

This is going to create a blue tag.  If you click on the tag it will open a calendar window where you can edit the date and time that you entered.  What is nice is that you can set the reminder to notify you 10 minutes before the event is to take place.

If a reminder is past due – Notion sends reminders

If you see a reminder that is now “RED” then that item is now past due.

But what about on a database.  Is this process the same way?  With databases you need to add a “DATE” property.  When you click on that property (like on a cell in that column of a table), a calendar window opens where you can select when and how you want to be reminded.  Don’t worry you can add a specific time of day as well.

How Notion Reminds you?

When you set a reminder, you’ll be notified at the chosen time in a few ways:

Downside of Notion Sends Reminders

The one feature that is missing from this feature is the ability to set up recurring reminders.  To me that is a necessity.  However, Notion is aware of this and is working on an update to add this feature.

How are you notified in Notion?

If Notion is open on your phone or computer, you don’t get a push or email notification for reminders.  You only get a red badge notification in “All Updates”.  Now if Notion is not open on mobile or your computer at the time you wanted to be notification then you will receive an email notification instead of a notification in “All Updates”.


Yes, Notion sends reminders, but it is missing the recurring reminders.  In order to setup a recurring event you need to reset the date and time after you complete the task.  This is not how this feature should work.  Come on Notion please add this feature!

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