There are a ton of YouTube videos on how great the Logitech MX Keys keyboard is for productivity.  You can have one keyboard and it works across multiple devices and can easily move files from one without having to save the documents. Just drag the file from one device to the other.  It’s that easy! This function is why I bought the keyboard in the first place.  I wanted to be able to switch between my iMac, MacBook, iPad, and Pc without having to save to an online storage.    


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Mx Keys is a good productivity keyboard.  I love the fact that I can pair up to three devices over Bluetooth or using the USB dongle. Once paired you can easily switch between paired devices without having to repeat the process.

      Keys on MX Keys

I love the feeling you get when typing on the keyboard as it feels light and responsive.  The reason for this is due to the scissor switches’ short pre-travel distance. The keys themselves are indented keys to help minimize typos. [insert squirrel] When typing on the keyboard you can expect a quiet typing noise and will not bother anyone around you.  Just listen to this typing sample. [insert typing sample]. The typing experience is great.  I love the feel of the keys.  They just feel comfortable.  I prefer the feel of the keys as your fingers tend to fall into place easily.  Whereas, on other keyboards the depth of the key is very slight, and you can easily lose your finger placement.

The Frame

The entire frame is made of a high-quality plastic that looks like metal.  The keys are made from dense and good quality plastic.  Overall, the keyboard feels sturdy and will not bend unlike the Apple keyboard. 

Let’s get into MX keys ergonomics.  It is a very straightforward keyboard that does not have any incline settings.  So, you cannot adjust the angle.  [squirrel] However, I believe that due to the keyboards low profile that you do not need a wrist rest.   Although, Logitech does have a wrist rest available, but it does not come with the keyboard.  Therefore, you will need to budget more money if you need the wrist rest.

Backlighting MX KEYS

The backlighting on MX Keys is outstanding.  It has a build-in brightness sensor that turns the backlighting on automatically in the dark or you can adjust the backlighting manually.  However, if you want RGN then you will have to look elsewhere as it is only available in white.

Connector & Battery On MX Keys

To charge the MX Keys you will use the included USB-C cable.  While the keyboard is charging you can still use the keyboard as it communicates to the PC through the wireless transmitter. [squirrel]

I love the fact that this keyboard offers two ways to connect to your computer.  You can connect using Bluetooth or use the included USB dongle.

Features of MX Keys

MX Keys has minimal features.  It does include media buttons along the top of the keyboard, and they double as function keys when holding down the “Fn” button.  The media keys can be reprogramed to a wide range of functions that can be easily accessed by pressing Fn+Esc.  However, you cannot program macros to these keys.  That is really a bummer. [squirrel]

Software for MX Keys

It just gets on my nerves that I cannot check the battery level using the software.  Yes, it does tell you that the battery level is okay, but I prefer the indicator that is available on the Logitech G HUB software where it displays it as a percentage.  That is meaningful to me.  Not this where it says, “Battery Level Is Good”.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have started to write a blog article only to find out that I need to charge the keyboard.  In fact, I should not have to open Logitech’s software at all to find out the battery level.  They could have easily put an indicator on the keyboard. Logitech has multiple software packages available depending on the keyboard or mouse that you are using.  Since I am running the Logitech MX Keys Keyboard with the G503 mouse, I have two different programs to control them. [squirrel] What Logitech, one program would not work for all devices? Add to the fact that I recently upgraded the software and now they cannot find my keyboard just adds to my frustration.  In fact, I am so fed up with Logitech that I am looking at other keyboard options.  This is sad as I have been a Logitech supporter for over 30 years. How well do you like Logitech’s software? Let me know in the comments below.

My Experience with MX Keys

I wish I could tell you that this keyboard worked flawlessly for the last sixteen months but that was not the case.  I spent a month trying to figure out WHY I could not get this keyboard to connect to ANY device.  Apparently, I am not the only one.  I have a video on the connectively problems I experience and how I corrected those issues. [put link here]. It is one of the best videos on my channel. Also, I do not like how heavy the keyboard is.  It is twice as heavy as my Satechi keyboard.  I tend to type with the keyboard on my lapand it is just so heavy.    I also despise the Logitech software.  It really sucks.  Lastly, I am not a huge fan of this keyboard, but it still is a good keyboard.  Personally, I would suggest looking at other keyboards.  [squirrel] Do me a favor and subscribe to the channel and leave me a comment down below on how many squirrels you fund during this video, and I will let you know if you get it right!!!  Until next time please be safe. For more article please click here.