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Imagine a subscription service where you had access to 300 of the BEST MAC and iOS apps available today.  That is what Setapp is offering to Mac and iOS users.  All for one monthly low fee.

In this modern world of technology, innovations are constant. We use several applications regularly. Now, we all know that there are countless apps that we need or would need in the future. However, sometimes these apps are unaffordable. For macOS and iOS users, there is good news. You can simply use Let me tell you that it is basically the Netflix for Mac apps. Hi guys! Welcome back to my YouTube channel, and in today’s video, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about Setapp. However, before we go any further, make sure you subscribe to this channel, and don’t forget to hit that bell icon so you never miss any updates. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into this.

What is Setapp?

Imagine you want to buy 20 applications for your Mac for different purposes. Each of these apps cost around 10 dollars per month. It will make a whopping 200 dollars a month and I would say that it isn’t a small amount. Now, let me tell you that Setapp is a suite of Mac applications that uses the monthly subscription payment method. The reason why Setapp is excellent is that it brings together all of the essential Mac applications for a minimum monthly price. This subscription-based software allows you to use some of the famous applications on your Mac. You might also want to note that these apps are quite expensive if you buy them separately. The creator of this software created Setapp with a goal to bring together all essential apps that most Mac users should have in order to improve the productivity and usability of their system. A Ukrainian software company called MacPaw released Setapp back in the year 2017. And as of 2021, it has more than 200 applications and over one million users. One of the most interesting features of Setapp is that it gets more applications added to its catalog regularly. And the cost will stay the same.

Apps in Setapp

Let me tell you that there are 11 different groups of applications available in this software. The first one is Maintenance, which includes apps like Gemini, CleanMyMac X, Wifi Explorer, Endurance, NetSpot, and Express, etc. The second category is Productivity which offers applications such as Rocket Typist, MindNode, ClearVPN, NotePlan, and PDF Search, etc. Other categories include MacHacks, Developer Tools, Task Management, Writing & Blogging, Education, Lifestyle, Creativity, Personal Finance, and Available on iOS. Well, available on iOS includes applications you can use on your iDevice. These apps include Canary Mail, Dropshare, and Euclid, etc.

A Few of the 200 apps available. Soon to be 300.

How much does a Setapp Membership cost?

Now, the most important question is that how much Setapp subscription cost. Well, there are several pricing options. For example, the individual monthly subscription plan will cost you 9.99 dollars. This plan allows you to use Setapp on two Macs. And I would say that even if you use Setapp on one device and you use only a few of the most popular applications, you will still be saving money. Or you can also go for the annual subscription plan, which is charged at 8.99 dollars a month. This will accumulate to 107.88 dollars a year. And then there is the Family plan, which costs 19.99 dollars a month and you allows you to use Setapp on four different devices. And there is also an option to create a custom offer. You can also use the seven-day free trial and the best part is that you don’t need to input your credit card info before using the seven-day trial. And if you are able to prove that you are a student, you will receive a 50 percent discount. With that being said, let’s discuss

How Setapp works.

The first step is to obviously visit the official website of Setapp. You can then sign up for the free trial or select a pricing plan according to your requirements. You can sign up for an account using your email, Google account, or Facebook account. After following the on-screen instructions and filling in the necessary information, you will download and install Setapp. Then, launch the software and go through the groups to locate which apps you want. Or you can also use the search box, which is available in the upper left corner. You can now enjoy all of the apps Setapp offers.

Why you should use Setapp?

Now, we will discuss a few advantages of using Setapp. First, it saves cost. Let me tell you that the apps available on Setapp could collectively cost you more than 5,000 dollars if you buy them individually. Moreover, Setapp gives you the ability to explore every app that catches your eye. You can then decide if you want to keep that app or delete it. Well, you can test an app without spending a penny. Furthermore, you will be getting access to quality apps. Setapp does not include apps at random. In fact, the CEO and founder of MacPaw, Oleksandr Kosovan, says that they want a maximum of 300 of the BEST apps. They are providing applications that are 90 percent compatible with the latest version of Mac. And the apps are updated regularly. In fact, every single app on Setapp is updated directly from it. And no, you don’t have to pay extra money for those updates. On the other hand, some paid apps require a fee for some upgrades if you buy them, directly from the app store. The interface of the software is also user-friendly and you would not feel any hassle navigating your way through Setapp.

The Security of Setapp

Now, there are two types of applications available in Setapp. First are those apps that are created by Mac developers. While the second category of apps is those made by MacPaw. MacPaw has been providing several applications for Mac users for a long time now and the main goal of this company is to improve Mac performance. Most customers of MacPaw share positive reviews about Setapp, so we can definitely say that your privacy and security are in good hands. Talking about the apps created by other Mac developers, MacPaw has a Review Team, which conducts a review of the applications thoroughly. The team will make sure that these apps meet the performance, security, quality, and privacy standards of MacPaw’s clients. So, we can indeed say that Setapp offers some of the most reliable and best apps available out there in the market.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I would say that Setapp is worth the money. It is an excellent service and if you are a Mac user, you should definitely go for it. Think about it. Setapp barely costs much and at the same time, it offers applications that could cost thousands of dollars if you purchase them separately. In simple words, if you are a Mac user and often use third-party apps on your Mac, subscribing to Setapp is an excellent move. That’s all for today’s video and thanks for watching it. If you liked it, make sure you give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts and valuable feedback with us in the comments section below. Lastly, if you have not already subscribed to this channel, subscribe to it, and press that bell button so you will be notified each time we upload an interesting video on this channel. And while you are here, click to watch one of these two videos that are appearing on your screen. I will see you there! Take care and stay tuned.

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