HUBZone Contracts

HUBZone contracts are contracts awarded to a qualified HUBZone SBC, regardless of the place of performance, through any of the following procurement methods: *Sole source awards to qualified HUBZone SBCs; *Set-aside awards, including partial set-asides, based on competition restricted to qualified HUBZone SBCs; *Awards to qualified HUBZone SBCs through full

Today, we are going to discuss HUBZone Contracts in detail. The information in the podcast and YouTube  are from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) which governs the HUBZone Program.  Now let’s delve into this program in more detail.

How Are HUBZone Contracts Awarded?

Only HUBZone small business can receive HUBZone contracts.  These contracts happen anywhere in the United States through the following procurement methods:

When you find a solicitation the business (together with affiliates) must be small for the NAICS code assigned to the contract.  There are two times that you must certify that you meet the HUBZone program requirements.  The first is at the time you submit your initial offer and the second is at the time of contract award.  You will certify these requirements to the contracting officer.  This certification will contain a statement that there has not been any changes in circumstances since you received the certification.  You also have to declare that your business is small for the NAICS code assigned to the solicitation.  Next you have to certify that you will attempt to meet the employee residency requirements. These requirements are that 35% of your employees reside in a HUBZone designated area.

This article did not go into as much detail as the podcast and YouTube channel did.  Therefore,  we advised that you watch or listen to them to fully understand the requirements.  Lastly,  there is not any guarantee that you will receive a HUBZone contract.  That is totally up to you.