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How to Be Productive Without apps? There are apps for everything. You might think your work and personal life development might depend on your phone unless you look up, get out, and touch the grass. Apps can be helpful but also difficult to understand. In some cases, the developers go MIA when you need them to upgrade or address a challenge. Therefore, while having all these productivity apps is helpful, some alternatives are trusted and well played out. Stay with us as we go through ten tips on being productive without using any apps in 2022. You will be happy to learn what number 4 says.


A good old to-do list remains the key to a productive life. Instead of writing notes on your phone to check always, put the notes in the book. That way, you see it whenever you go to get water. Keeping schedules in your phone only encourage you to go back to checking your phone often. Moreover, we all know what happens when you see the triggering Twitter icon just before putting the phone down. Now, you will be spending the time to get things done, checking out the new beef on the tl. Avoid getting distracted in the process of checking a productivity app by having your plans well spelt out in the to-do list. We mean the spelt part; writing helps improve your spelling since there is no predictive texting or autocorrect.


It would be interesting to find someone who only has one thing to do all day. Even on the weekends, when there is no work, we still set ourselves up for many tasks. Now, think about these tasks as the same instead of solo projects. When you handle one business, try to take in as much information as you can gather on other things. Speaking to colleagues or service people can always be insightful. As you complete one task, prepare mentally for the next. Ensure that you are awake throughout the day and mentally take in data that helps your other tasks. That way, moving on to the second gets easier because you will already be well versed with the information you consumed earlier. Speaking of taking tasks ahead of time, take some time off to subscribe to my channel for more insightful productivity and life goals videos. You can like the video and share it if you find it helpful. It will take a quick second.


We all have a 9-5 in mind as the one true schedule for productivity. We do not start working until 9 am, and we start feeling the urge to stop at 5 pm or sometimes at 7 pm. While this creates uniformity in productivity, it might not entirely work for you. We are different people, so our schedules might not be the same. Ever heard of the term morning person? Evidence that there is an evening person. We have our times when we perform at our best. Fine-tune yours and use it to your advantage. If you are an evening person, ask for the tasks a day before to complete them during the night and sleep throughout the day. Knowing yourself makes productivity easier.


If you are healthy enough to be productive, there will be no need for a productivity app anyway. There is the old-fashioned run and walk each day. You can also do yoga or other stretching exercises to reactivate your body after sitting for long hours or moving around. Do not give up exercise when you are trying to finish work. That only stalls your growth in both cases. Go for a basketball game, and you will come back with fresh ideas and a jump-started metabolism to be productive.


It would be best if you took breaks between working. Studies confirm that taking a break from doing something after a long time is a healthy way to focus. Use your break to check social media or make jokes with a colleague. We do not consider it criminal to check your phone. Yet, we also encourage a walk, stretch, window viewing, or a tall glass of water from the cafeteria. Breaks are positive for balancing your mental stimuli. Your brain gets overburdened after a while and needs something else to distract it for a while and reset it to a fresh start.


A healthy diet is a secret ingredient for a productive life. Spending your time battling the impact of junk food or some indigestion is not going to make you work any faster. Instead of getting an app to tell you about being productive, prep a meal plan for the week. Eating a high carbohydrate breakfast, lean meat protein, and fruits can get you the right boost to finish your tasks. Do not forget fibre and healthy desserts. Eating right means more energy, which translates to being productive.


You need to invest in the rest. It comes off as the same as taking breaks, but there is a difference. You should not allocate your rest period to accommodating any fun plans with high-energy friends. That is what you do with your breaks. This is good fashion sleep and lazing around. Play Easy like Sunday while sipping coffee, and watch your plants bloom through the crack of sunlight. Resting time is not when you watch crime series, catch some comedy and take your mind off everything that requires you to be productive. You can feel bad for not doing anything at first, but that is your inner workaholic laying games with you. Enjoy your rest because it fuels you to be more productive.


Our individual lives are influenced by the collective energy that surrounds us. You can download all the ever created apps for productivity and still be unproductive. Sometimes people blame it on many things when they should reevaluate their connections. Positive people motivate you to try things you are anxious about. They inspire you to do more by doing more themselves. Negative people will have you doubt yourself and keep you sinking in imposter syndrome. My next point narrows in on such positive people.


You will not be fully productive unless you have someone to motivate you. It can be an app on the phone. Although that can be a good sport, sometimes you can ignore the progress reports. You have to avoid opening the app if you do not want to be accountable. On the other hand, a productivity partner is a human being you cannot uninstall because you did not hit your targets. They will ask why you backslide and go back on your word. Nobody wants to have that conversation, so it helps everyone if you do your best to be productive and avoid awkward conversations. Accountability partners are usually goal-driven friends who are not interested in listening to excuses. I recommend an ISTJ for this role.


It does not take much to develop new ways of doing things. If you have to learn about the news, open a newspaper. If you want to perfect your hand-eye coordination, try the exercises when brushing your teeth in the mirror. There are ways to develop yourself that doesn’t include having an AI tell you what to do. Take up the initiative to engage in things that balance your talents and help you improve. Personal growth means better placement to be productive and achieve your set goals. When you innovate a new way to be productive, you can create a new app and get people to benefit from it. Alternatively, you can start a YouTube channel to teach others. But that is not the goal, only a suggestion.

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