Today, I will provide an overview of Notion for those that have never used it and then show you the templates that I created so that I can plan the PERFECT CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY. #Productivity #Notion #NotionTemplates

Planning the Perfect Christmas Holiday With the Notion App


I’m sure just like me you must be stressing about planning the upcoming Christmas and, it being just around the corner certainly doesn’t help in reducing. But lucky for all of us, I know just the app that will max out the productivity of Christmas evening and help us plan everything ahead of time.

Hi guys! Welcome back to my YouTube channel, and in today’s video, I am going to tell you how I use Notion to plan the perfect Christmas. “Hey guys before we dive further into this topic I wanted to briefly introduce you to my good friend and author Timothy Kenny who is the creator of multiple best-selling productivity courses and been a featured instructor on both Udemy and Skillshare.

I asked Timothy to dig deep into his toolbox of templates to find one that would give you guys the biggest boost in productivity and you could start using right away. I’m thrilled he came up with one of my favorites which is his One Pager Project Management Template which I’ve included in the description with a link so that you can IMMEDIATELY start using it to efficiently manage all the small projects in your life without getting overwhelmed. Timothy is doing me a huge favor by making one of his most popular templates available to you guys for free so make sure to click the link in the description so you can start using it and get more stuff done right away.”

What is Notion?

So for those hearing this name for the time must be wondering what this Notion thing actually is. Well, get ready to be amazed. Notion is basically the ultimate workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate, and organize your life. It lets you take notes, add tasks, manage projects, and many other things.

Think of it as a lego structure. It gives you the building block to create your own layouts and toolkits with that wild imagination of yours. You know guys. Notion even has a cool name around town here. It is also addressed as an “internal wiki” that allows teams and individuals to plan out their projects, work, dreams, and goals. Then you are able to write in the beautiful workplace that you made for yourself. This workspace can become your own personal wiki (with endless layers of content), plan using a kanban view, it can be a simple calendar or a simple list view, and

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last, but not least, it is able to capture your workflows. Keeping records of everything using spreadsheets and databases. Hey! If any of you android users or windows users out there making sad faces because you think you can’t get your hands on Notion should smile as it is available on all types of platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web. Notion provides team functionality that gives real-time collaboration and allows teams to share, comment, and assign tasks and reminders. So just like individuals and professionals can use notion, so can smaller teams.

How Does Notion Work?

So after reading what is Notion. You must be thinking wait how does an app like that run so smoothly. Well, if you read their tagline it says “The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.” While it may seem to be a stretch it is in fact true.

Most people think of it as a compilation of the best features of Google Docs, Evernote, Trello, and Todoist. As I just said that for an app to offer so much without much strain on itself or the mobile or laptop is truly remarkable and a dream come true. Notion works in the form of blocks and those blocks can be whatever you like them to be they could be images, texts, checklists, bullet points, you name it. Notion got it. With Notion you can conveniently write any sentence and then change it into a stand-alone page or an entire database, the possibilities know no bounds.


When it comes to features, Notion offers 4 packages each increasing in worth by providing more. The fours packages include Personal, Personal Pro, Team and business, and Enterprise

1. Notion Personal

Personal is the basic package that we all have when we start using notion. It provides Unlimited pages & blocks Share with 5 guests, Sync across devices, and APIBETA THAT WILL HELP YOU LIVE A BETTER LIFE.

2. Notion Personal Pro

The second level package is the personal pro, which is generally for power users who want to have more control than they had in the personal package. This package offers; Unlimited file uploads, Unlimited guests, and Version history.

3. Notion For teams & businesses

The third package is targeted towards teams that want to work in the same workspace. This package gives you everything in Pro and;

Everything in Pro, plus unlimited team members, collaborative workspace, advanced permissions, and admin tools.

4. Notion Enterprise

The third package is targeted towards teams that want to work in the same workspace. This package gives you everything in Pro and;
Everything in Pro, plus unlimited team members, collaborative workspace, advanced permissions, and admin tools.

The fourth package not only helps you manage a small-scale team but will help you control and support your own company. This package gives you everything in Team plus SAML SSO, User provisioning, Advanced security, Dedicated manager and Custom contract.

How To Use Notion

Now that we have talked all about what notion is, how it works, and all that sort of things. Now let’s talk about how to use it. So just like I previously mentioned that Notion is very versatile and it can be used in whatever way you want to use it. However, the best way to understand the way it works is by seeing some examples of how other people are using it, and then you pick the way that works the best for you.

Let’s look at an example.

Let me show you the example of this account that uses databases to keep records of the episode show notes for the Tools They Use podcast. The spreadsheet view is great aside from that. It can easily be changed by using a filter of year by year. You can also filter it by month making it much easier. Those who don’t really want to make their own workspace also have the option to search up pre-existing templates that have been uploaded and use them from different aspects of their life. One fun feature is the fact that pages can be shared using a unique link making it easier for those to use who still haven’t made an account yet. Now let me tell you how I use Notion to plan my perfect Christmas? Starting off with the header. Let’s break down how I plan the perfect Christmas.

Notion Header

First off I make a preparation link that goes to a page that has a to-do list that I have made to ensure that I have a beautiful holiday, one that is free of stress. The list includes the meal planning, things I have at home, and the things that I’ll have to do groceries for. Then there is a meal page that contains the statistical values of the calories and macros of certain meals.

Notion What & Why

Then comes the what and why part. The simplest part but also the most important as it makes me realize the importance level of each task and have a better vision towards. It also allows me to prioritize my tasks.

Notion Checklist

Then there is a checklist that keeps a record of my progress. I keep checking off the tasks that I’ve done up to that point and all of them are mostly checked by night.

Ideal day

While I don’t always follow this routine every day. I have noticed if something like meeting friends or family isn’t already planned then I can’t get anything done right. This is simply due to the lack of structure on that day. So I try to stay as much on track as I can and I believe in the 5 AM miracle and I’d recommend so should you.

Daily Report

At last at the end of the day, I write about what happened in the day. What things went well and what aspect of myself and my life I could get better at. This helps me have a more positive outlook on life and makes me happier. So there it is this is my ideal planning for a perfect Christmas. I suggest you give it a try. Perhaps, you will find organizing yourself a life-saving skill.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for today’s video and thanks for watching it. If you liked it, make sure you give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts and valuable feedback with us in the comments section below. And while you are here, click to watch one of these two videos that are appearing on your screen. I will see you there! Take care and stay tuned.

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