Hey, it’s Nancy and I want to talk about the corner lights that I recently purchased from Govee.  I love the Govee Corner Floor Lamp so much that I had to have another one.  I also added the Govee gaming light setup as well.  But I will not review them at this time.  If you want me to review the Govee gaming lights, then leave me a comment down below.

Govee lights are very affordable.  I looked them up on Amazon for $149.99 but if you go to their website, you can get them for $119.99.  At least during the holiday season. Also, on Govee’s website you can get a discount for first time buyers.  These lights are a great alternative to more established brands like Philips Hue. 

The lights remind me of a something futuristic with its round base and skinny protruding column.  However, the real magic happens when you turn the lights on.  It just draws your attention and provides a nice light to reflect off the corner of my walls.  I find it perfect for providing just the right amount of light to game at night or to do some work.   I use the during the day as well.  They provide just the right amount of light.

Setup and installation

Putting together the Govee Corner Floor Lamp is really easy process as it involves only five components.  The base, a narrow tube, a led light strip, RF remote with attachment.  The first thing you do is attach the metal post to the base.  Govee makes this super easy by providing screws and a small screwdriver.  In fact, they provided extra screws for you in case you lose one or two. Way to go Govee! 

Attach the Tube to the base.

Once the base and the tube are attached you add the light strip.  I started at the top and it popped in easily, then I moved to the bottom and popped it in.  I continued to alternate this way until the light was securely fitted to the tube. Next, I grabbed the holder for the remote and attached it to the metal part of the tube.  Lastly, I placed the remote on the holder.   The remove is magnetic and easily attaches. You can easily have this lamp completely setup in under 15 minutes. 


The Govee Corner Floor Lamp is 5 and ½ inches by 5 and ½ inches wide and is 4’ 9” tall.    The brightness goes up to 1500 lumens and can be controlled by Govee’s mobile app, or the RF Remote. In addition, you can control the light by voice through Alexa and Google Assistant.  I easily setup a routine and can turn the lights on and off through my Alexa device.  If I want to change the colors on the lights Alexa can do that as well. All I must do is say “Alexa turns on office lights” and they turn on.  I absolutely love this feature.


Light shows are the in thing today, and Govee does not skimp on this.  Click a button on the remote and play some music.  The light bar just dances to whatever you are playing.  What I love about the Govee lamp over the Philips Hue is that Govee can produce different colors simultaneously.  Philips Hues cannot do that.  That is the benefit of having a light strip as your floor lamp. Govee can produce many different colors at the same time! Govee’s lights patterns are dynamic and produce a variety of colors.  In fact, Govee states that they can produce 64 lighting effects and 6 music modes.

Govee App

Of course, Govee has its own app that is very easy to use.  It is available in Android or iOS.  The range of colors is amazing.   You can also have the lamp react to the music that you are playing in the room.  There are 12 different types of effects for your music.    I tend to use the energic setting the most.  If you can’t decide which color scheme is right for you the Govee app can assist you.  Select from work, leisure, joy, warm, in love, party, gourmet, calm, happiness and lively.  The select your color matching method.  You have a choice of gradient colors, random colors, 2 sets of complementary colors, complementary colors, contrasting colors or split colors.

To be honest with you, I don’t use the app or RF remote that much.  I just tell Alexa to turn the lights, and to set the color.  I usually keep the lights white during the day and change the color at night to blue. 


I found the Govee light to be the perfect reading light.  It also works as an accent or ambient light.  I tend to use it mainly as an ambient light.  I did find that I have to turn the brightness down because it can be too harsh. But that is easy.  I just tell Alexa to turn the brightness down.

My Take On Govee Lamp

I have read reviews from others that thought this Govee Lyra Corner Floor Lamp was overpriced but I don’t think so.  It can be used in for many different purposes and what lamp out there can do that!  Not many that is for sure.

Is the Govee Lamp Long Lasting?

I like that the base is weighted down enough to prevent the floor lamp from tipping over.  However, if it were to fall, I worry that tube may bend or break.  I thought my cats might go over and investigate the lamp but so far, they leave it alone.  I expect this lamp to last a long time unless it gets knocked over by accident.  Govee does provide a one-year limited warranty that covers any defects.

Do  I recommend the Govee Lamp?

I do recommend Govee Corner Floor Lamp.  It works great as a primary light source and has the added benefit of colored lighting. I have placed one in each corner of my office . 

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