Free Business Services For Women

Episode 019 is on free business services available to women. Listen to Nancy as she discusses the free resources available to women business owners. With over 100 Women Business Centers available nationwide there is bound to be one close to you. If not, sign up for their online counseling and training programs. Either way is a win-win for you.

Wanting to develop your business strategy?   Did you know that there is a free resource available to you to help you do just that? Created by the U.S, Small Business Administration the Women Business Center (WBC) is established to enable and empower women entrepreneurs through advocacy, outreach, education, and support.  These centers provide management and technical assistance to men and women entrepreneurs who are economically or socially disadvantaged. 

With over 100 WBC education centers designed to assist entrepreneurs who are economically or socially disadvantaged in starting and growing small businesses.  Women Business Centers support women and men seeking to create, develop, and expand their business by providing full access to business development and expansion tools available through SBA’s entrepreneurial development, lending, and contracting programs. Each Women’s Business Center provides training in financial and procurement-assistance program’s.  Women Business Centers are a great resource for providing business strategy assistance.  


Women Business Centers provide in-person free or low-cost training and some centers now provide online training.  They provide a variety of topics to include business planning, marketing, and sales, management, government contracting, international trade and finance.  Interested in attending webinars?  Women Business Centers now offer webinars in order to meet the needs of entrepreneurs.  What better way to enhance your business strategy than attending training the will enhance your business strategy?

Counseling – Business Strategy

The Women Business Centers provides individual counseling sessions that are tailored to the specific needs of the entrepreneur.  These informal sessions are always free and provide guidance and practical business knowledge that will help to increase the client’s potential for success.  



Women Business Centers provide a variety of business networking opportunities for your business.  Networking is an important activity that every small business owner should engage in. These networking events provide small business owners with the opportunity to meet and talk to people that can open doors for their businesses.

We hope you will consider using this free resource as you work on your business development strategy.  The more resources you have available to you the better a strategy you can develop and a better chance for success.

Don’t miss out on the free opportunities that are available to you.  Contact your local Women’s Business Center today!  Interested in the Women’s Contracting Program?  Click here