How many hours do you spend looking at your phone’s screen? Well, the most straightforward answer would be, “a lot”. According to a study, people on average spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on their mobile phones. And in the COVID-19 pandemic, the average screen time increased from 3 hours to 5 hours.

Sick of Scrolling Social Media?

That’s insane, right?  So, if you’re sick of constantly scrolling through Facebook posts and checking Instagram, it might be the time to put an end to this virtual slavery. We have to quit this smartphone addiction and start working for real, and that’s where the Forest app comes in.

The FOREST APP HELPS Increase Productivity

The Forest app will assist you by monitoring and limiting your screen time. Therefore, it is a self-improvement app. The app functions as a “digital babysitter” that will make you productive with its unique features. The main objective of this app is to help you stay focused on a single task and refrain you from using smartphones. The app is awarded and featured in multiple international platforms including Forbes, Business Insider, the New York Times, and many more publications. So, let’s find out more app the Forest App.


The app promises to help you stay focused on your work and limit your screen time to the least amount of time – but how does it actually work?

Whenever you want to stay focused. You open the app where you will be presented with a timer that can be set from 10 minutes, all the way up to 2 hours. Once you start the timer, the app will plant a seed and as the timer starts running the seed will grow into a complete tree, only if you are focused without touching your phone

Keep Your Tree ALIVE

But if you find yourself tempted to use your phone or leave the app in between, The app will immediately notify you saying, your tree will die if you do not re-enter fast onto the app and continue with the timer. According to me, this simple notification strategy is very effective. As, if I ever find myself tempted to check social media, the notification alert usually stops me and makes me get back on track with my work. For each successful focus session, you’ll be rewarded with one tree along with some coins that you can spend on unlocking many things.

Build a Virtual Forest

Now the idea is pretty simple. Each time you complete a block of time you get a fully grown tree. After completing a few successful sessions, you can start building your own virtual forest. It is nice to see a visual representation of how much productive work you have completed or failed at. And since nobody wants to see a withered tree in their forest. They try their level best to complete each session, as a result, their on-screen time will drastically reduce and productivity will take an upward turn.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I would say, Forest, is a truly brilliant app. Not only does it look stunning, but it’s also the only productivity app that actually works. Apart from boosting productivity, by using this app you can help to encourage and contribute to real tree plantations all around the world.

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