Episode Title: Finding Federal Opportunities Before Anyone Else
Episode No: 005
Key Takeaways
1) Finding opportunities before announced on Fed Biz Opps allows you to:
a) Build relationships with key Agency personnel
b) Use Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to get copies of Statement of Works (SOW)s, Solicitations, Technical data, etc on past opportunities to help put your proposal together for an upcoming opportunity
c) Contact Agency personnel and possible influence a requirement set-aside status (8(a), HUBZone, SDVOSB or WOSB/EDWOSB)
d) Gives you time to put the “Best Team” together to enhance your proposal
Valuable Resources
1) GSA – https://hallways.cap.gsa.gov/app/#/x/forecast-of-contracting-opportunities
2) Dept of Interior – https://www.doi.gov/pmb/osdbu/forecast
3) Dept of Transportation – https://www.transportation.gov/osdbu/procurement-forecast/summary
4) Dept of Defense – http://business.defense.gov/Small-Business/Acquisition-Forecasts/
5) Dept of Agriculture – http://www.pforecast.net/index.html
6) Dept of Energy – https://www.energy.gov/osdbu/doe-headquarters-acquisition-forecast

Contact Method
If you wish to contact Nancy directly regarding the information provided on today’s show, please email her at nancy@byerlyenterprises.com
1) Register for the podcast
2) Review the podcast
3) Find opportunities for the 3 Agencies that you want to do business with.
4) Contact those agencies and set up an appointment to do a Capability Briefing (note: during the last quarter of the fiscal year (June to Sept) Government personnel are extremely busy trying to get all the requirements out to the public. Response time from Agency officials will be slow. Don’t give up. Keep reaching out.)