Contracting Secrets Part 2 – Finding Opportunities Before Competitors EP-051

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In today’s competitive Federal contracting market, it is necessary to take advantage of all opportunities available.  In this second part series, we discuss our secret method using an Internet Search engine for finding opportunities that have not been released for proposal yet.  Why is finding contracting opportunities prior to their release so important?  Well, here are a few reasons for doing so.


  1.  Allows you to track federal opportunities so you know when they are going to be released.
  2. You can concentrate on contracting opportunities within your niche.
  3. Allows you to build a team to proposal on the opportunity
  4. You can gather information from last proposal (on recurring contracts) to better position yourself by using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  5. You can market to the government.
  6. Goal is to meet with the government (hopefully a contracting officer, end user or technical representative) and give your Capability Briefing along with your Capability Statement.
  7. Learn how to use or Federal Procurement Data System to enhance your competitive edge.


The above reasons alone should convince you that it is time to start tracking opportunities before they are released.  By finding out what the government thinks they are going to spend their money on allows you to start to build relationships with them.  The more familiar the government is with you and your company the more comfortable they will be.  The benefits of building relationships is the government may have other opportunities that are not listed that they will need some help with.  If they are familiar with you they may just consider you for those opportunities.  How will they consider you?  They may ask that you bid on the project!


Now I do have to say that the proposed listings that I teach you how to find will have opportunities that may not get funded that year.  These listings are the government’s wish list of things that need to be done but do to budget restraints they just can’t fund the project.  This does not happen to all projects but it does happen.

So what are you waiting for?  Watch your video and learn all that you can to become a better contractor.




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