Hi and welcome to my channel.  I’m Nancy, and today I am going over the “3 New Features To Excel Your Productivity Using Evernote” that was just released.  Ian Small, an Evernote CEO, states that these changes represent “a redefinition of Evernote’s fundamental makeup.  Evernote is evolving into a true extension of your brain, one that will help you remember everything and accomplish anything.”   I will be honest with you. I wondered what the impact would be to the free version of Evernote after implementing all these changes.  Let’s see what they did, shall we?

3 NEW Updates to EXCEL Your Productivity With Evernote | EVERNOTE UPDATES 2021 | Nancy Byerly

Evernote has 3 new Features to excel your productivity.  They are Tasks, Google Calendar Integration and a New Home Dashboard.    Also, Evernote is now available on Linux besides mac, windows, android, and iPhone.  These updates are not the only ones that were implemented by Evernote.  They have 4 new plans aimed at different types of users.

New Features and New Plans

Tasks Features

Evernote now has tasks!

Tasks were in the early promotion, but not are available to everyone.  Tasks bring your to-dos and notes together, so each enhances the other, creating the context you need to move forward.

Do you need to assign a task in Evernote to another user?  It is as simple as identifying them.  But what happens if the user does not have an Evernote account?  Well, when they sign up for one, the tasks will be waiting for them.

Calendar Feature

Evernote now allows you to link your Google Calendar accounts, making it seamless to create and access notes for meetings and other events.

Notes linked to events are complete, easier to find, and give you more information that you can use. So your ideas and decisions stay connected to the people, places, and activities that sparked them, without any extra effort.

Home Feature

Evernote now has a Home Dashboard that supports Tasks and Calendar, which allows you to bring your notes, to-dos, and schedule together in a single, flexible view.

Home is now more customizable with the ability to add multiple copies of a few essential widgets.  What widgets are available in Evernote?  A scratchpad, Pinned Notes,  tags, and shortcuts.


For those users who love Linux, you are in luck.  Evernote cross-platform support now extends to Linux. However, it is presently available in beta only.

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More Improvements

In addition, to the enhancements that I already mentioned, Evernote has also improved the search option to allow for Boolean logic.  When Evernote came out with this feature, it should have included the Boolean search function. Nevertheless, this is a step in the right direction for the search function.

You can now export your notes and notebooks to PDFs and the recent re-introduction of legacy features such as bulk export, import folder, and quick switcher.

Product Lineup

With these new features, Evernote has also changed the product lineup.  They have found three basic types of Evernote users.  The first group focuses on workplace productivity, knowledge management, and still others on school, hobbies, or more specialized pursuits.

As a result, Evernote now has a new subscription plan arranged based on Everhote’s features and capabilities in four packages.  They believe this will make it easier to find the Evernote package that works best for you.

This was known before as Evernote basic.  They promise to bring enhancements to this version as they continue to roll out new features.  Evernote views this version to help you remember everything.  It is the easiest way to get started with Evernote, enabling you to collect and manage whatever is essential.

Evernote Free

This was known before as Evernote basic.  Evernote promises to bring enhancements to this version as they continue to roll out new features.  Evernote views this version to help you remember everything.  It is the easiest way to get started with Evernote, enabling you to collect and manage whatever is essential.

Evernote Personal

Personal version claims this is the most affordable paid offering for individual users, with Evernote Premium as its foundation.  But Personal includes new ways for you to bring order to your busy day:  additional tasks features, advanced widgets for Home, and the ease that comes from connecting your primary Google Calendar with Evernote.  The price for Evernote Personal is $7.99 per month.

Evernote Professional

Professional, was designed for higher-end power users; Professional embraces the “whole person” model of an Evernote User:  a busy professional who struggles with information overload, both at Home and work. As a result, it is more feature-rich than Premium was.  Professional also includes assignable Tasks, the ability o connect multiple Google Calendar accounts, deeper Home Customization, our most advanced search capabilities, and double the upload capacity of Personal, all to increase your productivity. The Professional plan is available for $9.99 per month.

Evernote Teams – which used to be Evernote Business plan is for groups of people who need to collaborate and share knowledge in one convenient place.  All of the new features mentioned as automatically included in Teams.  A Team subscription requires a minimum of two seats and offers the administrative controls and additional security and data ownership that businesses demand. The cost of Evernote Teams is $14.99 per user per month.

I am sure that you can find a version of Evernote that will meet your needs.  It all depends on how much money you want to spend and if you use the product to its total capacity.

Summary of Evernote Features

I believe that Evernote is starting to feel the pressure from all the other note-taking apps that have recently come into this market.  Evernote can no longer do small changes if they expect to keep their customer base.  I also found it interesting that the CEO, Mr. Small referred to the brain during his comments regarding the latest release.  I automatically thought of Obsidian when I read that passage. 

I believe that Evernote should have lowered the price on all its plans as a way to show goodwill with its current clients. For example, those users who have paid for a year in advance could have offered a 15% discount on their latest renewal packages.    

I do not use Evernote as a note-taking app. Instead, I use Evernote when researching articles or other interests.  I then save the research into folders for viewing later on when I have more time. 

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