Knowledge Management: How To Store & Share

How to Knowledge Management

Information is power. The more information you get, the better prepared you are to make decisions and take action. This is why knowledge management is so essential in business. Knowledge management is the process of storing and sharing information effectively to be used to improve productivity and achieve strategic goals. This video will discuss how […]

One Outlook Coming Soon

Microsoft's New "One Outlook Coming Soon"

For quite some time, Microsoft has been developing a unified Outlook Mail and Calendar platform. The “One Outlook” platform, also known as “Project Monarch,” is still in development. Microsoft is hoping to release One Outlook later this year as a Windows Optional Update. It would, however, be cross-platform, including versions for macOS, iOS, and Android. […]


Forest App - Keeps You OFF YOUR PHONE

How many hours do you spend looking at your phone’s screen? Well, the most straightforward answer would be, “a lot”. According to a study, people on average spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on their mobile phones. And in the COVID-19 pandemic, the average screen time increased from 3 hours to 5 hours. Sick of […]

How To Build a Second Brain

I want to start our today’s video with a series of questions. How many times things have slipped through your mind while remembering something important? How often have you failed to recall even one useful thing from a book or article you read lately? How much time have you wasted looking for a file you […]

What Is Microsoft Fluid? | How To Use it?

What Is Microsoft Fluid (

What Are Fluid Docs (Microsoft)? Within the constantly evolving world, technology upgrades are necessary to maintain the flow of work. Most of you have already used Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Well, the company is now working to create a new kind of Office document. It’s called Fluid Docs. Hi guys! Welcome back to my […]

Productivity & Accelerated Learning Interview With Timothy Kenny

Productivity & Accelerated Learning Interview With Timothy Kenny

Welcome Nancy Byerly: Hello, and welcome to today’s show. I am so excited to have Timothy here, the top Udemy course instructors, and he has over 130,000 students where he primarily talks about productivity and accelerated learning. I’d like to welcome you, Timothy. How are you doing today? Timothy Kenny: Doing good. Thanks for having […]

Trello vs. Notion | Which One is Better?

Trello vs Windows|Which One Is Better

Hi folks, I hope you are all good. So in today‚Äôs video we are going to compare two of the most popular project management softwares i.e. Trello and Notion. Applications are very important in the modern era as it carries out the specific task for the users who are using it. Applications can perform a […]

Why a Productivity App Will NOT Make You More PRODUCTIVE?

The Reason Productivity Apps Don't Work

I have read a ton of books, articles and blog posts on productivity apps over the years. I have tried every app available today to include the premium versions and still have not found one that works best for me.  Be sure to stay till the end to find out why these productivity apps are […]

5 Reasons Gaming In The Workplace Improves Employee Productivity

5 reasons gaming at work improves productivity

Gaming has changed the way we get our entertainment, and it has become a successful industry in and of itself now. We all know that streaming allows people to earn money. As a result, Esports is now a serious rival to conventional sports on the market. Because of games, colleges, as well as universities, are […]