Notion vs. Joplin | Which is the Better App?

Notion Vs. Joplin

Which is the better note-taking app?  Notion or Joplin? That is today’s discussion. INTRODUCTION Hi, I’m Nancy and welcome to my channel.  To decide which app is the best for you we need to look at the following: [CHAPTERS] Ease of Use Features Security; and Backup Capabilities Be sure to stay till the end of […]

Joplin Vs. Obsidian |Updated Review

Joplin Vs. Obsidian

Joplin Vs. Obsidian |Updated Review Intro Hey, it is Nancy and welcome to my channel. Today, I am revisiting two of the best note-taking apps – Obsidian vs Joplin. Be sure to stay to the end as I will give you my feedback on which one you should consider. Before I dive into the video, […]

Trello Vs. Joplin

trello vs. joplin

Trello VS Joplin While choosing a cross-platform task app, there are two prominent options available. These include Trello and Joplin. While Trello helps you keep track of everything, Joplin is an open-source note-taking and to-do application that lets you organize a large number of notes into notebooks. Hi, Guys! Welcome to my channel. Today, I’m […]