Notion Sends Reminders?


I missed my appointment.  How did that happen?  Did I forget to setup a reminder?  No, I did.  Why doesn’t Notion send me a notification?  Oh wait, it does!!! Yeah, Notion does reminders. Hi, It’s Nancy and welcome to my channel.  Today, I am going to show you how Notion allows you to send a […]

Notion vs. Joplin | Which is the Better App?

Notion Vs. Joplin

Which is the better note-taking app?  Notion or Joplin? That is today’s discussion. INTRODUCTION Hi, I’m Nancy and welcome to my channel.  To decide which app is the best for you we need to look at the following: [CHAPTERS] Ease of Use Features Security; and Backup Capabilities Be sure to stay till the end of […]

Google Keep Review | Is It Worth Using?

Google Keep Review

Today, I am going to review Google Keep.    I don’t think there is one person in the world today that has not heard about Google.  After all, Google is a huge tech giant that is best known for it search engine.  Google has created numerous apps to lure users to stay on their ecosystem.  Google […]

Joplin Vs. Obsidian |Updated Review

Joplin Vs. Obsidian

Joplin Vs. Obsidian |Updated Review Intro Hey, it is Nancy and welcome to my channel. Today, I am revisiting two of the best note-taking apps – Obsidian vs Joplin. Be sure to stay to the end as I will give you my feedback on which one you should consider. Before I dive into the video, […]

Is Microsoft ToDo List The Best Task Manager?

Microsoft ToDo

In 2015 Microsoft acquired the famous and most lovable task management application named[1] “Wunderlist” for a massive 200 Million Dollars. The objective of this acquisition was to establish Microsoft’s name as the best task management application provider. In pursuance of its determined vision, Microsoft finally launched[2] “Microsoft ToDo” in 2017 with features that resembled a lot with Wunderlist. […]

One Outlook Coming Soon

Microsoft's New "One Outlook Coming Soon"

For quite some time, Microsoft has been developing a unified Outlook Mail and Calendar platform. The “One Outlook” platform, also known as “Project Monarch,” is still in development. Microsoft is hoping to release One Outlook later this year as a Windows Optional Update. It would, however, be cross-platform, including versions for macOS, iOS, and Android. […]


Forest App - Keeps You OFF YOUR PHONE

How many hours do you spend looking at your phone’s screen? Well, the most straightforward answer would be, “a lot”. According to a study, people on average spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on their mobile phones. And in the COVID-19 pandemic, the average screen time increased from 3 hours to 5 hours. Sick of […]

How To Build a Second Brain

I want to start our today’s video with a series of questions. How many times things have slipped through your mind while remembering something important? How often have you failed to recall even one useful thing from a book or article you read lately? How much time have you wasted looking for a file you […]

Top 7 Websites For Free Notion Templates

Top 7 Websites For Notion Templates

The traditional ways of being productive has gone away in favor of more modern ways. That is why I handpicked the top 7 websites to find awesome free notion templates to increase your productivity. Notion Website No matter what you are planning to do, with Notion’s simple user interface and templates will have your organized […]

Top 5 Digital Bullet Journals To Use In 2022


2022 BULLET JOURNALS TO BECOME UNSTOPPABLE According to Richard Branson[1], “An idea not written down is an idea lost. When inspiration calls, you have got to capture it”. Today[2], his Virgin Group controls more than 400 companies in different areas.  The importance of bullet journals has existed for decades, but very few can understand the incredible results […]