Satechi Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Looking for a new keyboard can be a daunting task, especially for MacBook and iPad users. That is why today, I am comparing the Logitech MX Keys and the less know Satechi Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard.  When looking for a new Keyboard, there are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind.  For […]

Soar King Wireless Charging Dock For Logitech Gaming Mice | Best Dock

Soar King Wireless Charging Dock for Logitech Gaming Mice

Hello and welcome back to my channel. I’m so glad that you stopped by today. I have the perfect stocking stuffer ready for you for those last-minute gifts that you need to put under that Christmas tree. Today, we’re gonna talk about the Soar King Wireless Charging Dock that works for a few of Logitech’s […]

What Is Microsoft Fluid? | How To Use it?

What Is Microsoft Fluid (

What Are Fluid Docs (Microsoft)? Within the constantly evolving world, technology upgrades are necessary to maintain the flow of work. Most of you have already used Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Well, the company is now working to create a new kind of Office document. It’s called Fluid Docs. Hi guys! Welcome back to my […]

Are Gamers More Productive?

Are Gamers More Productive

Employers don’t want their workers playing games at work, right? Well, who would want their employees to play video games instead of focusing on the actual work? However, solving a teaser or playing a brain game before or after work or during breaks might help boost productivity at work. What did you say? Yes, playing […]

Logitech MX Master 3| Why It Is A Great Productivity Mouse

Best PRODUCTIVITY Mouse - Logitech MX Master 3

Back in 2020, Logitech released their new Logitech MX Master 3 mouse. It is comfortable, customizable, and a joy to use. Yes, there are plenty of options available out there in the market if you are looking for a nice mouse. However, if you want the best quality products, there is no denying that Logitech’s […]

3 NEW Evernote Features to EXCEL Your Productivity

New Updates To EVERNOTE

Hi and welcome to my channel.  I’m Nancy, and today I am going over the “3 New Features To Excel Your Productivity Using Evernote” that was just released.  Ian Small, an Evernote CEO, states that these changes represent “a redefinition of Evernote’s fundamental makeup.  Evernote is evolving into a true extension of your brain, one […]

Logitech MX Keys Review | A Quality Keyboard

Logitech MX Keys

Hi and welcome to my channel.  I’m Nancy and today I am going to review Logitech’s MX Keys.  Let’s go back to the beginning.  I had been using the Apple keyboards for over a decade now and about 4 months ago my keyboard finally died.  As a raesult, I started researching keyboards and came across […]