HUBZone Contracting Dollars Down 71% Since 2010

HUBZone Contracting Dollars Down 71% Since 2010

That’s right! HUBZone contracting dollars have been spiraling out of control since 2010 with no end in sight. Before we go any further we need to explain what the program is. HUBZone Contracting Program Overview HUBZone stands for Historically Underutilized Business Zones.  This program helps small businesses in urban and rural areas gain access to […]

HUBZone Changes Made By SBA

Important Changes To HUBZone Program

If you recall in an earlier episode, we discussed the proposed changes that SBA wanted to make to the HUBZone Program. I even told you how you could voice your opinion on those proposed changes. Well, SBA has reviewed those comments and made changes to the program. Also, these changes have already gone into effect. […]

HUBZone Program Examinations

HUBZone Program Examination

Welcome back to our blog.  Our topic today is on the HUBZone Program Examination. Subjects covered include:  When does the Small Business Administration (SBA) conduct examinations?  What documents will SBA check?. By what means, does SBA conduct a program audit? Now, let’s talk about who conducts the HUBZone Program Examination. Who Conducts SBA HUBZone Program […]

HUBZone Price Preference Adjustment

HUBZone Price Preference

Today, we will be explaining the HUBZone Price Preference adjustment.  Contracting Officers must give qualified HUBZone businesses a ten percent price adjustment on certain contracts. Not sure what the HUBZone program is?  Check out this blog. Now on to the rest of the article. How does a price evaluation preference affect the bid of a […]

HUBZone Appeals & Penalties


Today, we are going to discuss the HUBZone Appeals & Penalties section of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). For more information please refer to 13 CFR 126.  First, let’s discuss the procedures for appeals. What are the procedures for appeals of HUBZone status determinations? So Nancy?  Who can appeal the decision of a protest?  […]

About the HUBZone Application

About the Hubzone Application

Today, we are continuing our discussion regarding the HUBZone Program.  Our topic is going to concentrate on the HUBZone application.  Now we will not go into how to fill out the application but will go through all the regulations governing the application process.  This way you know what to expect as you are considering this […]

HUBZone Contracts Requirements

HUBZone Contracts Requirements

Today, we are going to discuss HUBZone Contracts in detail. The information in the podcast and YouTube  are from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) which governs the HUBZone Program.  Now let’s delve into this program in more detail. How Are HUBZone Contracts Awarded? Only HUBZone small business can receive HUBZone contracts.  These contracts happen […]

About HUBZone Joint Ventures

About HUBZone Joint Ventures

Today, we are going to be talking about HUBZone Joint Ventures (JV).  One of the most common questions asked is can a large business receive a HUBZone contract.  The answer is that a large business can be a subcontractor on a HUBZone contract.  However a large business cannot be a prime contractor on a HUBZone […]