Kizzy Dominguez – Government Contractor Shares Secrets To Success

Kizzy Dominguez - Government Contractor Shares Secrets To Success

Today, I interviewed Kizzy Dominguez a Government Contractor with K. Parks Consulting Incorporated an Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) that has successfully won government contracts. Kizzy is going to share will our viewers today, tips and strategies to help you achieve success in government contracting. Nancy (00:00): Hello and welcome to today’s show. I’m […]

Paramount Sources On Government Contracts

Paramount Sources of Supplies & Services On Government Contracts

Many small businesses are not aware that the Federal Government cannot just go out and compete for a contract to obtain supplies and services.  There is a requirement that the Government must first go through the mandatory sources of supply and services before they seek supplies or services from any other source.  Today, I will […]

Which Parts of the Federal Acquisition Regulation Matter to Small Businesses?

FAR for Small Businesses

The Federal Acquisition Regulation, otherwise known as the FAR, is massive.  It contains 52 parts, which detail how government officials write the solicitations and the contracts. However, there is one part of the Federal Acquisition Regulation that is written and pertains to Government Contractors.  Please make sure you stay till the end so that you, […]

What Contracts Are Used in Government Contracting?

What are the Different Contracts Used in Government Contracting_

In this video, I will be discussing seven different types of contracts used in government contracting.  I will also be providing the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) reference for your information.  Now, if you are new to the government contracting world, then you need to know that the FAR is the primary regulation used by executive […]

What is the DBE Program|Tips and Tricks

What is the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs (DBE) | Tips and Tricks

What is the DBE Program? | Tips and Tricks Let’s face it, we all need all the help we can get with government contracting. (#government contracting) That is where today’s topic comes into play. What is the DBE Program (#DBE)and Tips & Tricks is aimed to help you make the most of this program. The […]

Why You Need a Strategy in Gov’t Contracting?

Why You Need a Strategy in Gov't Contracting?

I recently read an article by Deltek regarding Government Contracting Industry Study.  Although this article is almost a year old, I believe that the study of the government contracting industry is still spot-on for the industry.  Deltek has identified essential trends, challenges, and benchmarks in the government contracting sector. Overall, the statements made in the […]

Government Contractors-DUNS Number Is Going Away

DUNS Number Going Away

The General Services Administration (GSA) is replacing the DUNS number with a new 12-character identifier ID.  How soon will this happen?  GSA states that this is happening by December 2020. Why Change the DUNS Number? Dun & Bradstreet created the DUNS number back in 1962. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) required a number as part of […]

How Political Parties Influence Government Spending?

How Political Parties Influence Government Spending?

It is that time again. The Political Parties are gearing up for the presidential election. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to discuss the influences each party brings to government spending. Usually, it appears as if each party is far apart, and yet sometimes it seems that their philosophies are similar.  So, let’s see […]

Joint Ventures – 12 Advantages & Disadvantages

12 Advantages & Disadvantages of Joint Ventures

As a government contractor, you realize that teaming with a business partner can be a great way to capitalize on Government Contracting opportunities.  Especially if your business lacks the resources, capital, and marketing knowledge to make it happen.  Before you venture down this path let’s look at the 12 advantages and disadvantages of Joint Ventures. […]

All About Teaming Agreement In Contracting

All About Teaming Agreements

Today, more and more businesses are using teaming agreements in Government contracting. Small companies have reached out to me, wanting to know my feelings about using a teaming agreement to get their first government contract. Usually, I would say no, but I have thought that this answer might be a little premature. If a small […]