Coronavirus May Impact Government Contractors

Coronavirus May Impact Government Contractors

Who would have thought that a virus could impact not only the United States but the world? This Coronavirus has created challenges for government contractors. As a result, it is best if government contractors anticipate the following problems with regards to their federal contracts. Coronavirus Impact On Supply Chain This disease has interrupted the global […]

Breach of Contract – What You Need To Know

Breach of Contract - What you Need to Know

We would be remiss if we did not mention Breach of Contract during our articles on contract terminations.  In a Breach of Contract by the government recoverable costs (damages) may include monetary costs such as forecasted profits, overhead, and damages for time lost or otherwise needed to perform the work required by the contract.  You […]

Termination for Convenience – Contractors Edition


Termination for Convenience. Those three little words are something that no contractor wants to hear. After all, who wants the government to seek termination actions on their contract. But let’s be honest, it does happen. Contract terminations can happen at any time. Sometimes the contractor is at fault and sometimes the contractor is not at […]