Hi, I’m Nancy and welcome to my channel.  Today, I am going to help you decide which Steam Deck is right for you.  I will be concentrating today’s video on the differences between the Steam Deck 256GB vs. the Steam Deck 512GB. Be sure to stay till the end of the video as I will offer advice on which device to get.

Differences Between Steam Deck Models.

Let’s start off with the differences between the 256GB and the 512GB models. 

 256GB Steam Deck512GB Steam Deck
Storage Capacity256GB512GB
Storage TypeNVMe SSDNVMe SSD
Included AccessoriesCarrying CaseAnti-glare etched glass screen
 Exclusive Steam Community Profile BundleExclusive Steam Community Profile Bundle
  Exclusive Virtual Keyboard Theme

The main difference between these models is storage size.  Both decks include an AMD API which combines Zen2 and RDNA 2 architectures. They also have 16GB of RAM and includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 40Whr battery, and runs Steam OS.

Steam’s Compatibility Check

Both decks will run the Steam games if the games pass Steam’s Compatibility Check.  The compatibility check ensures that the game will work on this device.  Depending on the intensity of the game you may have to lower your graphics down to medium, especially if you want 60 frames per second.

The Elephant In the Room Storage

All Steam Decks can have their storage increased by buying a microSD card or using a USB 3.0 storage device. Be sure to use a microSD card supports UHS-I supports SD, SDXC, and SDHC. Also format your MicroSD card or other storage device to EXT4.  This however, will only increase the external storage and not the internal storage.  The biggest decision is how many games you want to have installed at once. Especially if you want to have enjoy your AAA titles as these games require a lot of storage space.  If you plan on using your Steam Deck without Internet connection that you will need the larger storage capacity.  But remember that you can always delete games if needed.

Can I upgrade the Internal Storage of the Steam Deck?

Can you upgrade the internal storage of the steam deck?  Yes, you can upgrade the internal storage.  However, Valve states that swapping the internal storage is “not intended for end-user replacement”.  There are videos out there that will walk you through the process.  It is not something that I am even considering and therefore I took this into account when selecting my Steam Deck.

Which One Is Right For You?

The biggest question that you need to ask yourself when deciding between these two models is “What type of games are you going to play on the device?  If you want to have the most games possible installed on your Steam Deck and money is not an issue than go with the 512GB version.  However, if money is an issue or you don’t plan on installing a lot of AAA games than go with the 256GB.  Either way, you really cannot go wrong.  This is a wonderful device and I am sure you will enjoy it!


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