Federal Contracting Made Easy Podcast

Federal Contracting Made Easy Podcast is launching

Federal Contracting Made Easy Podcast is launching May 3rd! Do you want to bid on government contracts but don’t know where to start?  Are you presently a federal contractor but have questions that no one seems to know the answer too?  If so, then Federal Contracting Made Easy is for

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Capabilities Statment

Capability Statement – Why you need one

t is a business document containing your individual and organizational competencies, achievements, associations, and accreditations.  The Capability Statement is the primary tool used by government officials or prime contractors to formulate a first impression about your company.  Everyone knows that you only get one chance to make a great first impression! So, make sure that your Capability Statement stands out from the crowd.

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1st Steps To Get Started in Government Contracting!

  Follow me as I take you through the necessary first steps to get started in bidding on federal contracts. I have 15 plus years of experience working with small businesses just like yourself. I have helped small businesses receive over $1 Billion, (that’s right, BILLIONS) in federal contracting dollars.

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10 Steps To Start A Business

Follow these simple steps to start your next business. 1.)  Perform market research.  Research your business idea and determine how profitable it will be.  There is nothing worse than starting a business only to determine that it will not be profitable. 2.)   Develop a business plan.  You will find that your

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federal contractor

How To Read a Balance Sheet

A Balance Sheet shows a company’s position at a certain point in time. It is composed of three sections: Assets, Liabilities, and Equity. Assets represent the things of value that the business owns and has in its possession. It does not matter if you still owe money on it or

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Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement

Small business owners started their businesses because they are passionate about the work that they do. The majority of them are not a CPA and unless they have a CPA that can explain their Profit and Loss Statements in easy to understand terms they just don’t look at them.  I

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Finding Your Passion

I answered the  phone the other day and the gentleman on the other end of the line stated that he wanted to start a business.  I responded “Okay what type of business are you interested in?”  His response was “the one that sells the most to the Federal Government”.  I

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How To Register To Do Business With The Federal Government?

How To Make a Great First Impression in Under 30 seconds!!!

When you meet someone for the first time, they instantly form an impression based upon your age, gender, race, height and weight. People will also judge you based on your body language. Do you look someone straight in the eye? Do you cross your arms? Do you stand up straight?

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How To Fire An Employee

I cannot think of anyone that I know that loves to fire an employee but sometimes you just have to do it. The first thing that comes to mind is how to protect the business from a lawsuit. Even though most businesses are covered by at-will laws, which allow for

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