What if I told you that there are five tip to maximize your productivity? What if I also told you that these steps have been used by successful people throughout time and continue to work today? That would be pretty awesome, right? Well, it would be even better if I were to tell you about some of them (you might already know them, but just in case).

Hi, my name is Nancy and welcome to my channel.  Be sure to stay till the end of the video as the number 1 Habit can increase your productivity tenfold.

Tip 5 – Set Daily Goals

Write down a list of your long term and short term (the next three months) goals each morning. Goals will keep you moving in the right direction, help you achieve your dreams, give you direction, and allow you to feel proud of yourself when you have made significant progress toward your dream.

Tip 4 – Break Down Large Goals into Smaller Goals

Goals are great, but big ones are even better. Or at least they are, if you can achieve them. It’s my experience that when you want to achieve something big, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and give up halfway; I’m sure you’ve felt that way before. The key is to break down the bigger goal into smaller chunks. Then, each day, try to work towards one of those chunks.

Tip 3 – Take Breaks

Although being productive is great, we also need to take breaks occasionally. You know, to clear our minds and just forget about life for a while. Meditation, sunset walks, or even spontaneous adventures are great ways to do that.

Tip 2 – Perform your Biggest Task When You Are Alert

When you’re feeling fresh, you’re thinking clearly and making better choices; when you’re feeling less than fresh then you can’t concentrate or focus on what is important.  That is why it is important to work on your biggest Task when you are alert.

Tip1 – Use the Two Minute Rule

If there is an opportunity to make the most of your time, then do it! If something takes less than two minutes, do it now. Why wait?  I have found that doing something simple is a great way to motivate me to do more.  I finish a simple task and then grab another.  Before I knew it an hour had past and I got so much done!


You may have heard it all before, but this list of tips can effectively help you to stay productive. By following these five simple steps, you can improve your productivity and minimize procrastination.

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