Hide Recent Apps in Apple (Mac) Dock

Hide Recent Apps From Showing on Mac Dock

If you are like me, you want your Mac dock to only show those apps that you have placed on it.  However, Apple thinks that I need to also see apps that I have used recently.  I find this highly distracting and frankly it just bothers me.   I recently found a way to stop this […]

5 TIPS For Boosting Productivity


What if I told you that there are five tip to maximize your productivity? What if I also told you that these steps have been used by successful people throughout time and continue to work today? That would be pretty awesome, right? Well, it would be even better if I were to tell you about […]

The “only” useful macOS Ventura Feature – Stage Manager

The *only* useful macOS Ventura feature

Apple has unveiled a new feature for macOS and iOS that will make working on the desktop easier, faster and way more fun. Stage Manager lets users take control of their workspace by positioning windows in different places, adjusting their size, and loading new apps using drag-and-drop animations. Call To Action Be sure to stay […]

Is 8(a) BD Program Dying? 8(a) Contracts Down 48%

Today, we are going to look at the 8(a) contracting dollars for the last decade. (2009 – 2019). Will the result be similar to the small business contracts that we reviewed last week? Or will the contracting dollars follow the same course as total contracting dollars? That is what we will determine today. I can […]

Contracting Trends Affecting Small Businesses

Trends in Contracting Affecting Small Businesses

We are starting another series by reviewing government contracts’ historical information.  Today’s episode is on small business set-aside and government contracting overall. Why Review the trends in Government Contracting? I have noticed a decline in the number of 8(a) sole source and 8(a) competitive contracts in the State of Utah for several years.  Since I […]

All About Protests Part 1-Government Contracting

All About Government Contracting Protests - Part 1

Today we are going to talk about protests as far as it is concerned with government contracting. FCME Community Before we get started today, I wanted to talk about a new opportunity for my viewers. Federal Contracting Made Easy is now on Patreon.  Patreon allows viewers of our blog, podcast and YouTube channel the opportunity […]

Breach of Contract – What You Need To Know

Breach of Contract - What you Need to Know

We would be remiss if we did not mention Breach of Contract during our articles on contract terminations.  In a Breach of Contract by the government recoverable costs (damages) may include monetary costs such as forecasted profits, overhead, and damages for time lost or otherwise needed to perform the work required by the contract.  You […]

Termination For Default – Contractor Edition

Government Will Protect Itself The Government is going to protect its interest.  That is the reason that they insert clauses into contracts. This provides them with an option if the contractor does not perform the work or provide the services within the time frame specified. Also, if the contractor does not use the correct materials […]

Termination for Convenience – Contractors Edition


Termination for Convenience. Those three little words are something that no contractor wants to hear. After all, who wants the government to seek termination actions on their contract. But let’s be honest, it does happen. Contract terminations can happen at any time. Sometimes the contractor is at fault and sometimes the contractor is not at […]

Important Changes Coming To Government Contracting

GSA is moving 10 Websites Into One Massive Website

GSA is decommissioning TEN major websites that will impact everyone involved in government contracting. These changes will affect both businesses large and small. By combining these ten websites into one website GSA is hoping to streamline the number of websites that users have to have access too. In addition, this will reduce the number of […]