Hey, it’s Nancy and welcome to my channel.  Today, I want to discuss an issue that I was having with the Kindle App and the Magic Keyboard.  It seems that every time Apple updates the iOS, the Kindle app will not allow me to use the arrow keys.  This is extremely frustrating. 

So, you sit down with your Apple iPad with the Magic Keyboard then open your Kindle App so that you can relax and read. You finish the page that you are reading and hit the arrow key only to have the page not turn. So, you turn it again. Again, the page does not turn. Here is how I resolved this issue because the information on the Internet does not work. 


Go to Settings, Accessibility, and Keyboards.  At the top of the screen on the right-hand side turn off “Full Keyboard Access”.  This should fix the problem. 

By turning off the full keyboard access it should allow the Kindle App to work now. If this does not help with your problem leave me a comment below and I will see if I can help you.

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