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It is amazing how more productive you can be with the right keyboard. The Logitech MX Keys has INCREASE MY Productivity over the last four months. Find out if this keyboard can help you be more productive. #LogitechMXKeys #IncreaseProductivity #KeyboardReview

Hi and welcome to my channel.  I’m Nancy and today I am going to review Logitech’s MX Keys.  Let’s go back to the beginning.  I had been using the Apple keyboards for over a decade now and about 4 months ago my keyboard finally died.  As a raesult, I started researching keyboards and came across a lot of reviews on Logitech’s MX Keys. I liked the ideal of one keyboard that I could use acrosss multiple devices.  So, not one to wait I went ahead and ordered the keyboard.    

First Impressions

Wow, the Logitech MX Keys is amazing. The outside of the keyboard is metal and not plastic. The two tone greys really go well together.   The keys have rounded indents into them making it easy for your fingers to find their place.  The “F” and “J” keys have the typical raised lines which makes it easy for you to know by feel that your fingers our on the right keys.  The keys feel slick but not slick enough to slide off the keys. 

Logitech MX Keys Feedback

When depressing the keys it has a nice feel and a solid click letting you know that you have pressed the key as far as it will go. I love the bounce action to the keys which makes it great for those long typing sessions.  I sometimes will sit for yours writing articles for my blog post.  My fingers never get tired when using this keyboard. 

The Logitech MX Keys feel…

The keys themselves are made of soft plastic that almost feels a little like rubber.  This is in a good way not a bad way.  I find it really hard to describe the feeling you get when typing on the keyboard.  It is such a pleasure to use this keyboard.  I was considering a mechanical keyboard but did not want the clicking sounds in the background when I am on Zoom conference calls with my clients.. The keyboard needed to be quite so my clients can concentrate on what I am saying and not the typing in the background.  I don’t want anything that will distract the client from what I am trying to teach them. That is one of the reasons for this keyboard.


Wow the Logitech keyboard is heavy.  You can definitely feel the difference from the Apple keyboard to the Logitech keyboard.  The Apple keyboard was so light.  The difference is like night and day.  I was always worried that the Apple keyboard would flex or bend while I typed.  I don’t have the keyboard on desk as it usually resides on my lap.  Actually part of it on my lap with the end of it resting on the arm of my chair. (Yes, I know it is not good but I can think better this way.).  

Logitech MX Keys Is Built Like a Rock

Anyway, with the Logitech keyboard I no longer worry about it bending or breaking as I did with the Apple keyboard.  It has even survived a few accidental drops from my lap to the floor. It is very sturdy and has a modern vibe to it.  I am not usually a fan of backlighting keyboards but I found that on the MX Keys that it is subtle.

Logitech MX Keys Backlighting

When looking straight down at the keyboard you cannot see the lights.  You can only see them if you are looking at them from an angle.  As I generally do most of my writing during the day I find that the lights do not generally bother me.  The backlighting is unique in that it senses your hands and turns itself on when you are near it.  But stays off when you are away in order to save battery life. But to extend the life of the battery I went ahead and turned off the backlighting. 

Battery Life

Even with the backlighting in place I find that the batteries last at least four weeks to six weeks. The battery life that I am getting is bett than some of the websites are reporting.  Most websites say that the keyboard battery with backlighting on will last for 10 days.  I can honestly say that your results maybe higher than that.  I consider myself a heavy keyboard user and get a minimum of 4 weeks or longer. In fact, I am extremely happy with the battery life on this keyboard. 

Real World Experience

I did not turn off the backlighting until today because I wanted to try out the keyboard with backlighting to see how long it would last.  I have found that the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse runs out of juice before the keyboard.  When I notice that the mouse is low I usually plug in both and get them up to full charge again. 

Logitech Software

The Logitech software is very user friendly.  It automatically detects the devices and is easy to configure them.  You have the option of using the function keys as the standard function keys by a quick click of the mouse.

The software also takes you on a tour of the new keyboard so that you are up to speed quickly.  For instance you can brighten or dim the backlighting on the keys by thoughing the F6 or F7 keys.

There is a simple light that will come on and disable the backlighting if the charge on the keyboard goes below 10%.  The LED light will blink red and you will also get an onscreen notification that you should plug in the keyboard. 

You can connect up to 3 devices using the Logitech Unifying receiver or Bluetooth.  This allows me to switch between my iMac and iPad instantly.

You can switch between media and Fn keys anytime by pressing Fn+Esc.

Logitech has created customized keys at the top.  I really enjoy this feature as I can turn down or off the music when having to answer a phone call.    You can even create your own customize keys if you want.

Keyboard Feel

I know that my viewers will want to know how the keys feel.  You can definitely feel the keys when depressing them.  You can tell that they are fully depressed and the travel distance to fully engaged is reality small.  I find that I can type fast using the keyboard.  However, I believe that I can type faster using my mechanical keyboard but I have not vertified this through an actual speed test yet.

The Bad

As with everything in life there is the good and the bad.  Now that I have gone over the good it is time to look at the bad.  Some people will not like the low profile as it only has one option for an incline position.  It does not bother me but it does bother others.  The low profile means that you are always close to your desktop at all times.  Or in my case close to my lap.  It just not have any options to adjust the incline. 


This keyboard is not cheap.  It will set you back $99.99 for just the keyboard.  It is on the expensive side when compared to other keyboards but for me it was worth every penny.  I don’t think I will need a replacement keyboard anytime soon.

Logitech Software

The Logitech software lets you easily check the battery level and adjust some the function key shortcuts but other than that it does not do anything more complex.  If you want to do more complex tasks and macros then this keyboard is not for you.  But keep in mind that this keyboard is aimed primarily for office use.  It is not meant for anything beyond that.

No Wrist Rest

Another downside to the keyboard is that it does not include a wrist rest.  Now Logitech does sell a wrist rest that works as the perfect companion for MX Keys, but for me it should have been included in the package.  Not listed as a separate accessory.


Reasons To Buy The Logitech MX Keys

Reasons NOT To Buy the Logitech MX Keys

If you spend a ton of time sitting in front of a computer whether for work or school, you will find the Logitech MX Keys to be an excellent keyboard.  The keys feel fantastic, it blends well in the environment without those ugly wires, and the ability to connect to multiple computers and switch between them on the fly is very handy.  However if you want a more ergonomic split keyboard designs then you will be disappointed with this keyboard.

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